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Girl, 14, is gang-raped then burned alive inside a furnace before her horrified brother discovers her jewellery among charred remains in India


Jun 2, 2020
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United States
United States
A 14-year-old girl was gang-raped before being burned alive in a furnace - only for her horrified brother to discover her jewellery among charred remains in India.

Officers have charged 11 men over the shocking sex attack and murder in Rajasthan after the bones of the teenager were found burning inside the kiln.

The girl, who has not been named, left her house to take care of her family's goats before she went missing. After she failed to return home, her family launched an urgent search to find her.

They added: 'Smoke billowing from one of the kilns drew his attention and made him suspicious as they were not active in the evening.

'He rummaged through the kiln with a stick and sifted through the charred items.'

Among the items, he found a bracelet that belonged to his sister, which he had gifted to her only a few days earlier.

Following the shocking discovery, a team of police officers and forensic experts raced to the scene.

Some body parts, along with victims clothing and shoes, were recovered by the force.

The tragic incident took place last month, but police have only recently revealed further details of her murder and rape.

On Sunday, a spokesperson for the police confirmed the girl was alive when she was set on fire.

Court documents also suggest that the victim was splashed with petroleum-based chemicals before she was burned alive.

The horrifying murder has caused anger and outrage not only among the bereaved family but across the country.

Only a few months ago, two women in Manipur were allegedly paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a mob.

The violence against women and young girls has led to nation-wide protests, with people demanding urgent action for their safety.

...but they're part of BRICS - so it shouldn't matter.

Eventually..., someone is gonna go on Google, search for material on Pakistan and start attaching articles.
India # 1.

Bhai... Pak k halat bohat kharab hain... lawlessness ki waja sa.. log sher ho gaey hain... street crimes, rape, etc..

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