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10 Turkish Military Projects that Turkiye will join to Elite Club ( 2023-2028 )

TAI T-925 10 tons class Utility Helicopter is coming

TAI T-925

First flight : 2024
In service : 2026

Paris Air Show ....
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Whats the engine for this?

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Hey man, leave him alone, I and others like his posts, I learn new things from time to time, like the Ballistic missile defense system after SIPER, I didn't know that, so its useful.
Whats the engine for this?

T-625 Helicopter to use indigenous TEI TS-1400 Turboshaft Engine

T-925 now use Ukranian Engine

but TEI to convert 3.000 shp turboshaft Engine from its core Engine ( TF-6.000 turbofan) to power the T-925 Helicopter


Hybrid Rocket Technology

SORS uses hybrid rocket technology, is one of the largest and most capable sounding rocket systems in the world

-- High-speed atmospheric re-entry tests
-- Hypersonic tests

Length : 12+ m
Speed : hypersonic mach 7+
300 km​
Propellant : Liquid Oxidizer (LOX) / Paraffin



LUNAR Mission

Turkiye aims to send a rover to the Moon in 2028-2030 using a domestically built rocket engine

to land softly on the moon and collect scientific data on its surface to join the elite club ( USA , Russia , ESA ( Europe ) , China , Japan , India )

A hybrid propulsion system is currently being developed by DeltaV for Türkiye’s Lunar mission, which is one of the primary objectives of the Turkish National Space Program, being administered by the Turkish Space Agency. The HİS is intended to be the world’s first hybrid propulsion system to be used in a space mission

Fuel : High-Performance Solid Fuel
Oxidizer : Storable Liquid Oxidizer
Electronic Systems : Ignition Control System , Thermal Control System , Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR)
Features : Re-Ignition Capability , Thrust Termination Capability

Composite hybrid Motor
Composite Struts
Composite Panel
Oxidizer Tank

In-Space Propulsion System


Top Turkish Missile Projects

1 .. RAMJET - SCRAMJET supersonic-hypersonic Missiles
2 .. CENK hypersonic medium range Ballistic Missile ( MRBM )
3 .. GOKHAN ramjet powered long range Air to Air Missile
4 .. GUMS Ballistic Missile Intercaptor
5 .. AKBABA supersonic anti-radiation Missile
6 .. GEZGIN ground-naval based long range strategic Cruise Missile
7 .. KARA-ATMACA ground based Cruise Missile
8 .. SOM-J air launched stealth Cruise Missile
9 .. CAKIR next gen Cruise Missile
10 .. KUZGUN-TJ modular joint strike Missile
11 .. IHA-230 supersonic Missile
12 .. KEMANKES mini smart Cruise Missile

All Weather high precision Missiles from 150 km to 1.000+ km will strength power of the Turkish Armed Forces

12 .. KEMANKES mini smart Cruise Missile

Operational Range : 200+ km
Length : 1.73 m
Max speed : mach 0,7
Weight : 30 kg
Warhead : 6 kg
-- man-in-the-loop capability
-- operates autonomously with an artificial intelligence-supported autopilot system
-- able to operate during the day and night
-- resistant to any attempts of electronic jamming due to its anti-jamming capabilities
-- all line-of-sight communications over the main unmanned platform
-- E/O Camera

KEMANKES can perform target detection autonomously through the electro-optical camera seeker and to hit targets with point accuracy

to destroy riskiest targets behind enemy lines with its jet engine and artificial intelligence-supported optical guidance system

11 .. IHA-230 air to surface Ballistic supersonic Missile

Operational Range : 150 km
Length: 3.4 m
Speed : supersonic
Weight : 225 kg
Warhead : 42 kg

-- GNSS-supported inertial guidance capability
-- Laser guided variant
-- Fire-and-forget capability

IHA-230 is an effective weapon used against stationary land and sea targets, air defence systems , radar and communication systems

10 .. KUZGUN-TJ modular joint strike Missile

Operational Range : 180+ km
Speed : subsonic
Weight : 85 kg
Warhead : 14 kg

INS, GPS , SAL, RF , IIR/CCD, mmW Radar

to hit even moving targets

9 .. CAKIR next gen Cruise Missile

Operational Range : 150 km
Length: 3.3 m
Speed : mach 0.85
Weight : 275 kg
Warhead : 70 kg

Mid-Phase Guidance:
Inertial Navigation System
Antijam Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Radar Altimeter
Barometric Altimeter
Terrain Referenced Navigation System
Terminal Phase Guidance:
Imaging Infrared-IIR RF Seeker
Hybrid (IIR+RF) Seeker

Network-based Bidirectional Datalink
Man-in-the-Loop capability
3D waypoints defined during mission planning
Radar-absorbing structure minimizes the detectability by enemy air-defence systems
Super sea-skimming and terrain masking
Anti-jamming capability

The swarm concept, through which coordinated attack scenarios with multiple missiles are enabled

8-- SOM-J air launched stealth Cruise Missile

Operational Range : 275 km
Length: 3.9 m
Speed : mach 0.85
Weight : 540 kg
Warhead : 140 kg

INS Inertial Navigation System
GPS Global Positioning System
TRN Terrain Relative Navigation
IBN Image-Based Navigation
ATA Automatic Target Acquisition
IIR Imaging Infra-Red seeker
Data Link

Resistant to Countermeasures
Network-Enabled Weapon [NEW] Capability
Selectable Impact Parameters
In-Flight Retargeting
Low Radar Cross Section

to use against heavily defended land and naval targets


SUPER SIMSEK Kamikaze/Cruise Missile

Operational Range : 700 km ( BLOS ) .... 200 km ( LOS )
Length : 4 m
Speed : mach 0.85
Weight : 200 kg
Warhead : 35 kg

Super SIMSEK will be able to perform air-to-ground, air-to-air attack missions, to be equipped with electronic warfare systems within its own capacity, to detect enemy systems on the ground and to suppress them.

7 .. KARA-ATMACA ground based Cruise Missile

Operational Range : 280 km
Length: 6 m
Speed : mach 0.85
Weight : 890 kg
Warhead : 250 kg

INS Inertial Navigation System
GPS Global Positioning System
TRN Terrain Referenced Navigation
Barometric Altimeter
Radar Altimeter
IIR Imaging Infrared Seeker

Target Update, Re-Target and Mission Abort Capability via Data Link
Advanced Mission Planning (3D routing)
Re-Attack Mode
Low Observable
High Precision
Resistant to Countermeasures

to use against strategical land targets


6 .. GEZGIN ground-naval based long range strategic Cruise Missile

USA Tomahawk
France MdCN
Turkiye GEZGIN

TUBITAK-SAGE continues to develop the GEZGIN Cruise Missile, and has made significant progress in the project

The ARAT Turbojet Engine developed by Kale Ar-Ge will be used in the final stage of the GEZGIN Cruise Missile

5 .. AKBABA supersonic anti-radiation Missile

Roketsan AKBABA anti-radiation missile which is designed to detect, track and neutralize the adversary’s radar, communications assets and other radio frequency sources

to have a passive RF head and AESA radar

4 .. GUMS Ballistic Missile Intercaptor through SIPER Project

100 km SIPER Block 1 is scheduled to enter service in 2023,
150 km Block 2 in 2025,
and the ballistic missile interceptor capable version in 2028


HISAR-D RF medium-range surface-to air Missile

length : 4.3 m
The RF (Radio Frequency) Seeker
Dual pulse rocket motor and TVC capability

using to protect Ships from attacking Missiles and Aircraft

3 .. GOKHAN ramjet powered long range Air to Air Missile

100+ km GOKDOGAN Air to Air Missile enter service
GOKHAN ramjet powered long range Air to Air Missile under development

2-- CENK hypersonic medium range Ballistic Missile ( MRBM ) .. 1.000+ km

CENK missile gets flaps to adjust its flight direction


1 -- RAMJET and SCRAMJET ( Supersonic - Hypersonic Missiles )

TÜBİTAK SAGE Director Gürcan Okumuş:

" Development work on Ramjet and Scramjet Propulsion Systems within TÜBİTAK-SAGE continues at full speed. We have already brought Ramjet technology to a certain point, and we have already started to use it in existing projects.
Scramjet, as you know, is a much more challenging technology. We continue to develop the technology with the laboratory-scale tests we are conducting at TÜBİTAK SAGE "


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Yes but How will it compare to the mighty Minataur!


What the heck is that!!! 11/10 on pure looks, but.... i cannot believe such a thing could have been built in a shed (by the looks of where it is) and be effective.
In fact the key equipments are:Nuclear Warheads,ICBM,heavy space rockets and heavy satellite platforms,aircraft carriers,SSN&SSBN,Strategic bomber,5th fithers,Heavy transport aircraft,hypersonic missiles and Semiconductor Chips.
Temel KOTİL, General Manager of TAI 20.06.2023

We have been working for the national turbofan Engine of KAAN for 2 years. We will put it to KAAN in 2028

-- We started to produce 2 more KAAN

-- Our plane is able to fly, but we are being meticulous because of some tests

-- KAAN will be the best Fighter Jet in Europe

-- We only buy 3 pieces of KAAN from abroad. These are also things that can be done.

-- We will deliver 20 KAANs to the Turkish Airforce in 2028
In 2029, we will start producing 2 units per month

-- Officials from NATO are constantly coming to see KAAN


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Calm down. I sense another flame war coming with this bait. lol
Come on,did you see what he said? It's like a teenager talking. "It will be the best in Europe". If I say "F-35 will be the best in Europe",he will laugh and mock the F-35. Which by the way,if they had gotten it,he would have been bragging about it being the best in the world
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