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Turkish Missile Programs


CENK MRBM, range somewhere between 1000km to 3000km 😄. ICBM on the way...
it doesnt look like CENK it is probably roketsan SR1.

Serial production line so fast? Are you kidding me?

Are you guys rushing everything for propaganda reasons?

That requires resources and if you lack the resources,then you can't produce as many as you want.

If you are blockaded or on embargo,you won't be able to make as many as you want.

Once Germany lost access to good steel and oil,they couldn't produce as many tanks,aircraft and other stuff as they wanted.

They were limited and eventually couldn't fight effectively,because they couldn't produce the necessary equipment to counterattack.
Turkish world got all possible recourses in the world for a long war, including rear earth materials(780 million in Turkey alone compare to 800 million in China), bor and there is Russia nearby too just in case. thats why Zengezur corrdor is super mportant to Turkiye, but in case of war, let say tomorrow, they can easily secure it as 3 million Armenia has no power to stop it.
on the other hand, if you dont know, the missile fuel is made by bor and Turkey has 80% of Bor in the world, plus check Kazakistan and its recources..
UMTAS-GM long range Anti-Tank Missile

UMTAS-GM Block 1

  • IIR and Semi Active laser
  • 41,3kg missile weight
  • 172mm missile length
  • 160mm diameter
  • 16km range from land vehicles
  • 20+km from Helicopters

  • CCD/IIR hybrid seeker
  • 60kg missile weight
  • 2m missile length
  • 180mm diameter
  • 32+km range from land vehicles
  • 50+km range from Helicopters

UMTAS-GM Block-1 with two way datalink will be in inventory by 2024
UMTAS-GM Block-2 by 2025


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