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Turkish Missile Programs

KARAOK (type of carried and operated by single soldier) Anti-Tank Missile's first guided firing tests completed successfully.


Diameter: 125mm
Weight: < 16 kg ( Missile and canister )
Range : 2,5 km
Warhead type: Armor piercing tandem
Hitting Mode: Side & top
Usage mode : Fire & forget
: TÜBİTAK SAGE GÖKDOĞAN ve BOZDOĞAN füzelerini kullanan NASAMS benzeri bir sistem için çalışmalar yapmış menzil ve irtifa değerini arttırmak için daha büyük bir motorlu versiyonun ön tasarımını yapıldı.
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: Worked on a NASAMS-like system using TÜBİTAK SAGE GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN missiles, and a preliminary design of a larger motorized version was made to increase the range and altitude value.
Lazer Güdümlü Mini Füze Sistemi
Small orange diamondYeni nesil 40mm bombaatar silahlarında kullanılabiliyor.
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Link symbolhttps://defenceturk.net/yatagan-lazer-gudumlu-minyatur-fuze
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Blue circleFlag of Turkey Laser Guided Mini Missile System
Small orange diamond It can be used in new generation 40mm grenade launchers.
Blue circleC295W Silahlı İGK uçağı Flag of TurkeyROKETSAN füzeleri ile testlere devam ediyor

Small orange diamondC295W Silahlı İGK uçağı ROKETSAN'ın 2 CİRİT lazer güdümlü füze podu ve 8 L-UMTAS lazer güdümlü füzesi ile uçuş gerçekleştirdi
Small orange diamondC295W uçağına TEBER-82 entegrasyonu
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Blue circle C295W Armed IGK aircraft Flag of Turkey ROKETSAN continues tests with missiles
Small orange diamond C295W Armed IGK aircraft flew with ROKETSAN's 2 CİRİT laser guided missile pods and 8 L-UMTAS laser guided missiles.
Small orange diamond TEBER-82 integration on C295W aircraft
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Anti-radar missile from ROKETSAN
The Turkish company ROKETSAN is working on the development of a locally designed anti-radar missile called AKBABA ("Vulture" in Turkish). The outlines of the project were unveiled during the “Anatolian Eagle” exercise, which was held in Konya province. The characteristics of AKBABA were not disclosed, however.

The AKBABA missile above all allows Ankara to strengthen its capabilities in the field of offensive electronic warfare, and this after the presentation of its Stand-Off HAVA SOJ jamming aircraft project which results from the joint work of the electronics engineer Aselsan and by TAI. 4 devices of this type,based on the Bombardier Global 6000, will enter service by 2027.

The BVR one seems externally an AMRAAM copy.
The WVR is more original, with no tail.
the BVR may reminds amraam but both missiles design(internally) pretty different than American ones, WVR has tail too, that one has not wore its fins yet, they are designed to serve for F16s so missiles externally would look similar to Americans ,
The BVR one seems externally an AMRAAM copy.
The WVR is more original, with no tail.
WVR has tail too, that one has not wore its fins yet. Because they were introduced to the F-16 mission computer as US missiles, the missiles are supposed to be kinematically very similar to their American counterparts.

If, for example, we develop and manufacture a missile for MIUS, you can be sure that it will not look like any other US missile. Like SOM-J.
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Land ATMACA Surface-to-Surface Cruise Missile
Roketsan started developing land ATMACA in 2019. It is very similar to the version developed as an anti-ship missile, but with increased range, length and weight. The configuration of the surface-to-surface missile is supported by the KTJ-3200 missile with a length of 6 meters and a weight of 890 kg.





Hats off to the innovative sons and daughters of Mustafa Kamal Attaturk.
Hats off to the People who worked hard to get it.
Good Job Turks.
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