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The Man Who Flew For Four Air Forces I PAF Ace Saif-ul-Azam


Apr 17, 2009
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One extraordinary fighter pilot flew for no less than four air forces in his career. Saiful Azam was born in Eastern Bengal, then joined Pakistani Air Force and eventually fought against Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967. Learn the details of his first two air-to-air kills in this video.

Group Captain (Retd) Saif-ul-Azam, Sitara-i-Jurrat, a war veteran of the 1965 Indo-Pak war, was born in Pabna District, East Bengal in 1941. He was commissioned as a fighter Pilot in October 1960.
During the 1965 War, he served in the No 17 Squadron at PAF Base Sargodha. Apart from inflicting heavy damage to Indian forces in 12 ground-attack missions, Azam also had one IAF aircraft kill to his credit as well. For his valor and devotion to duty in the 1965 war, he was awarded “Sitara-i-Jura’at".
Group Captain Saif ul Azam also attained Global repute when he shot down three Israeli aircraft during the 1967 Arab-Israel war.
In recognition of his heroic contributions, he was honored with military awards by the governments of Jordan and Iraq. The US government also bestowed upon him the title of “Living Eagle” in 2001.
He breathed his last in Bangladesh after a prolonged illness on 14th June 2020.

In part two about an extraordinary pilot Saiful Azam, we will see what happened after he and other Jordanian pilots were sent to Iraq to keep fighting against Israel. Iraqis provided them with their Hawker Hunters and Azam would get a chance to show his fighter pilot skills during the third Israeli attack on the H-3 airbase in Western Iraq. Israeli Mirages and Vautours expected to put it out of action once for good but an Iraqi patrol led by Azam would interfere with their plans.

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