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  • Hi Boossman,

    Do you have any solid information regarding the 27sep2016 JF17.
    You had posted a comment that pilot missing was a part of exercise.
    Do you have any reference to this News please let me know.

    I am waiting for your response
    Lol you know jack about our culture dude. Learn them properly before going spitting out the half digested knowledge you seem to possess. The practise of devadasi is bare minimum now and even that is not prostitution. Well if that is prostitution then a Muslim man divorcing his wife for the silliest of reason by saying three words even if the wife doesnt agree and with no alimony is nothing but religiously sanctioned RAPE.

    And you know what no one is under a fetish to keep Muslim sounding names.Infact it is the opposite. Google Khusboo and Jothika,Shaam and Arya for starters.

    And since you spoke about my state which is called the Temple state as a growing **** industry you serioulsy want to know in which country tops in the search for animal sex ?

    I would also like to know which deviant practises the holy cow murderers/pillagers/invaders abolished from Hinduism..Would be fun to hear.
    Sir would appreciate if you could send me details of the new subs to Pakistan on my email add skydancer3000@yahoo.com

    Thank You
    Bossman, welcome to the forum.

    It is requested to kindly tone down the tone of the posts you are having with Mastan, its not a good thing.

    We are here to learn and discuss, not hurl personal insults and degrading anyone.

    If a member is wrong, plzz point it out with facts and figures minus the personal insults.

    You are a good addition to the forum and we hope you keep contributing, but plzzz play it positively.

    Mastan has also been advised, thus i hope no more personal things in your posts, just professional discussion.

    Hope to keep seeing you around, have a good time.

    Allah Hafiz

    Thanks for showing up on this board. I would request you to introduce yourself in the introduction thread and give us a little background on who you are and what you do---so that we better understand where you are coming from and also we can welcome you to our board.

    Thankyou kindly and welcome again to the forum. MK.
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