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Saudi Arabian Air, Land, Naval Forces & SANG

Royal Saudi Strong Air Force conducting live munition training strikes off the coast of Karachi, Pakistan.
Looks like their firing Harpoons off of their F-15s, something you don't see too often, if at all! @Philip the Arab

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Yep, very uncommon and very interesting to see. Although the Saudi Eagles are much more multirole than older Eagle models.

Harpoons are becoming obsolete unfortunately within the near future. No RCS reduction and obsolete guidance options are the biggest downsides.

Missiles like LRASM for heavyweight and NSM for lightweight are what countries want to be acquiring now.
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The mixed bilateral naval exercise "Jisr-22", between the Royal Saudi Naval Forces and the Royal Bahraini Navy, took place at King Abdulaziz Naval Base in the Eastern Fleet in Jubail.





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