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Saudi Arabian Air, Land, Naval Forces & SANG

Good news though.

I understand why Saudi Arabians wanted their women to cover up.:woot:
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How many TOS-A1 does Saudi Arabia possess? I read that a license to produce TOS-1A was granted to Saudi Arabia in 2017. Are there any new developments in this regard?

Absolutely brutal.
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How many TOS-A1 does Saudi Arabia possess? I read that a license to produce TOS-1A was granted to Saudi Arabia in 2017. Are there any new developments in this regard?

Absolutely brutal.
It was announced officially.. so no need to keep announcing it.. work has started already on the AK103 and the TOS-1A..

Saudi Arabia is about to turn the military education system into a military university


The Joint Command and Staff College, the War College, the Research Institute, and the Leadership Development Center.

According to David Lamm, NESA's deputy director, NESA agreed to present a plan to establish these institutions and to recommend courses taught at the War College. The goal of the two parties is to establish a completely independent and internationally accredited Saudi military university. Once this was achieved, NESA agreed to continue serving as a "trusted advisor" to the Saudi military, providing resources and other forms of assistance, such as assistance with training and course instructors, as necessary.

On February 8, the Strategic Implementation Office—a design team made up of employees from NESA and the Command and Staff College of the Saudi Armed Forces—convened to provide the Saudi Ministry of Defense with a comprehensive plan for the establishment of Saudi Arabia's National Defense University, or SANDU..

A few weeks later, the Office of Strategic Implementation submitted the final design for Sandu, which included the Joint Command and Staff College, the War College, the Command Development Center, and the Center for Strategic Studies. In March, NESA hosted the Saudi Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Washington, D.C. so that members could freely collaborate with U.S. professional military education experts on accreditation, facilities, research, educational programs, and university governance. In addition, the US military works with the Saudi military on various exercises, such as "combat readiness" tests, air force exercises, and naval training.


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Is there a Twitter account or more in English (I imagine that there are plenty in Arabic, they would be ok as well) where one can follow military developments in Saudi Arabia?

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well its a website. Its called المنتدى العربي للدفاع و التسليح. Disclaimer: Saudis there are ignorant to levels above the stratosphere its purely a saudi/morrocan forum




A group of Saudi M1A2 tanks, a 120 mm M256 L/44 cannon, a group of mostly 12.7 mm M2 machine guns, a 7.62 mm M240B coaxial cannon, and a 40 mm MK19 or M249 5.56 grenade launcher.

KSA-China military drill.


Engineer / Tahani bint Abdulaziz Abu Hamid, the first Saudi woman was promoted to a quality supervisor in the F-15SA fighter project, whose parts are manufactured and developed at the Saudi Salam Company.

If you fall into the hands of an assailant of my country do not say: Forgive me, because I am not your mother ... and do not say that I did not warn you

A number of Royal Saudi Air Force planes escort the American strategic bomber (B-52), as it transits the airspace of the Kingdom, as part of the joint work between the two forces to enhance the security and stability of the region.

Fantastic photos.
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The Horror and Death Brigade in Saudi Arabia Saudi Terror Brigade, 85th Battalion


Saudiya had signed a contract with France for close to 100 units of the CAESAR 155mm self propelled howitzer which is a beast of an artillery and I think they signed the contract in 2007 with the first 4 or so arriving in 2012. They probably should be almost all delivered by now I would think and 100 units of this badass infantry and armored battalion destroyers is one heck of an addition to any army.

I remember the EGY armed forces were testing the Caesar and K-9 Thunder at the same time and the K-9 won the tender most likely because they figured tracked units worked better for Egypt's desert as well as the percentage of ToT I believe was better with the South Korean deal than the French. But I think this would've been just as fine had they opted for it instead of the K-9, especially with that rake setup it has to clean up and level its own firing area as well as stabilize it well.


And that pic of the RSAF F-15 SA is absolutely insane! Great shot selection by you, sir. 👍

These aren't really new pics, probably from 2018 or so but any pic of the Royal Saudi Eurofighter Typhoon from any year is well worth a look at!



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All the Saudi helos look great, but this blackhawk looks sick as a mofo lol. I've sat in these and seen several up close and they really have the throwback feeling of the Vietnam era Hueys, but in a much more modern sense and with a much different landscape environment such as Afghan mountain ranges and Middle East desert plains. This one carrying fuel tanks and red crosses really looks great, especially from below view: and they obviously make for great ambulatory & MEDIVAC choppers also.


The versatility of this chopper is ridiculous as to how many variants it makes up. The US Coastguard uses the SH-60 Jayhawk.


And of course the navy's Sea Hawk and all the other 32 or so variants in between lool.


So versatile that they were able to make a stealthy variant as well and successfully use it to take out OBL. Whether Pakisatn radars were working or available in that area or not and the level of success the stealthy aspect had is not really known, but my guess is that Pakistan would have pretty serious radars combing that border and especially near the military academy. Maybe they did pick them up and that was the reason for the PAF to deploy their 2 F-16s to intercept instead of someone calling, not sure. Either way, this is arguably the most versatile platform out there aside maybe the Mi-17V. That helo certainly holds its own weight as well.

I lost that pic I used to have, but I did post it on a couple of threads here a few years ago of when I was taking a Sunday drive in the old TA up north by the coast and drove right by this small, well-known airport that houses small Cessna aircraft etc. and there was one of these Blackhawks just parked on the grass with no one in site by about a mile. I stopped to check it out as well as two other cars and we went right up to it and I tried opening the door but it was locked lmaooooo and we checked it out up close and couldn't believe it was unattended like that! The control tower for this little joke of an airport was a small, house shack with a single big glass window and no one was in there either! Ended up taking a few pics and left. I have seen them and the inside quite up close at several airshows. Great helo.

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