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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

Raptor ,

Can you update the situation in Shifa Hospital , on the Israel -Gaza war thread.

I have been blocked from posting there , seems the odds of 100 against 1 , are still too much for some.

For f*ck sake , there are images now from Shifa Hospital security cameras showing hostages being dragged inside , or dragged in corridors ( the clip on the left ) not to mention the tunnel complex found which seems to be only the tip of the iceberg .

Much more will be revealed in the coming days.

And people there are still denying there was a terror center under and that hostages where held there.

Hostages being brought in in those white vans used in the attack.


Being dragged in coridors :



Sorry for interupting this thread , i will delete later.

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Its enough that your country violent racist policies finally culminated in messing up Europe’s defence agains Russia, but much like your fellow country men encroaching Over West Bank, you have a sense of entitlement to come here and distract a Ukraine thread. You want to find your lover and find out about The pathetic lie about a command center than DM that person or go listen to Israeli news. No credible news outlet has been able to verify the claim about the hospital.

To take a rag tag hard nosed military, not only is Israel might needed but the entire support of two carrier battle groups to act as a backup and weapons/supplies from US, and you are claiming 1 vs 100. Stop posting crap on this forum not relevant to the Ukraine war. Find somwhere else to go do that

The Fall | Ukraine Mobilizes Boys | Russian Cluster Answer. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.11.19

"cargo 200", the code word for fallen russian soldiers. the total weight of a dead soldier with casket not exceed 200 kg. that measure is best suitable for air transport.

the russians now re-use the code as during the war in Afghanistian, the war back then costs russia 26,000 men and total collapse of USSR. now the loss is more terrible. Putin invasion army alone loses 6,000 men dead and wounded in a week at Avdivvka.

Russian aviation is quite actively using Ka-52 helicopters in Ukraine, armed with Vikhr guided missiles. Due to the long range of destruction of targets with Whirlwind missiles, which reaches 10 kilometers, it is quite difficult to obtain high-quality video where a destroyed target is visible. However, from time to time, videos showing the target being hit appear. One of them, footage of a Russian Ka-52 helicopter, guided by a Vikhr missile, hitting a rare Ukrainian modification of the MT-LB military transporter. The video was filmed in the Novomikhailovka area.


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Ukraine army on the right side of Knipr river bank
The russians will not have peaceful days in trenches over Christmas.


The Fall | Without Western Support, Ukraine Is collapsing. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.11.20

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