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  • Hi Sammuel,

    Hope all is well at your end.
    We interacted only very briefly on this forum.
    But I remember you as being a good hearted person.

    The human loss of life is beyond comprehension in this latest spat of violence.
    Do you see any hope for betterment and eventual peace.

    Thank you my friend . may peace and humanity prevail and we live to see a better world.
    Hi, you seem to be a good hearted man. I wish you the best.
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    Thanks for listening Maverick

    This was something that bothered me for a long time and i was happy that i found at least one person that I could share it with. I am glad we see things in the same light.

    Best wishes to you too and happy christmas
    I am happy that you feel so. I have been trying to understand the Jewish point of view (religious) for a while, and sometimes I also feel sometimes that I should talk to and exchange views with a jewish believer. I wish you a belated Hanukkah and happy new year.
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