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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

Now in combat operations in Ukraine, drones are used not only to attack military equipment and infantry, but are also used to attack other drones. The video shows a Russian drone hitting a Ukrainian army drone. After the impact, the Ukrainian drone fell and exploded. Models of drones and the location where the air battle took place are not reported.


The Fall | Crazy Iskander Hit | Ukraine Sends Women Into The Trenches. Military Summary 2023.11.16

Maybe that is the problem -- reliance on US.

Perhaps a while ago, reliance on US made sense. But not today. The EU was not even a dream back then, but it is reality today, and that means it MUST, not should, be Europeans who defends their lands.
The europeans will defend their lands. But a somewhat united Europe, militarized like the US, will change the power structure of NATO. Eventhough some americans like to point out european weakness, they have no true desire to see a militarized Europe and the inevitable loss of US influence that would lead to.

Nobody is safe in a country like Russia.

Those who are cheering for Russia have no idea how it feels to live in fear and censorship. Even a tourist is not safe in Russia who might have been a critic of Russian policy at some point.

The Russians Storm Avdiivka, Spirne, Ivanivka. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.17

Fancy way of saying you ditched your ally and ran.

Who is Vietnam's largest trading partner and where does 30% of Vietnam's electricity come from?

Hint: It's not that hard.
Even India/Pakistan , mortal enemies have trade with each other. So having trade with your neighbor is not a sign of economic co-dependence. It’s like living with a person next to you and being proud of the fact that you can say ‘hello‘ to it.

Vietnam has chosen its side and is part of US companies de-coupling from China and alternate for new commodity manufacturing. This is the start for the future of what Japan and South Korea accomplished.

And Vietnamese Universities are collaborating with US institutions to build technical know how to close the gap. Here is one with Cornell University. Future co-existence and economic advancement.

My point is not that China is insignificant but this would be like Costa Rica having Its future growth tied to China and making a choice that its future lay with China’s success and technology

As for the refugee monkeys you referred to: good track record of converting them into change agents back into the country. The founder/head of TMC is a former immigrant to US that was a researcher at Texas InsTruments that went back to Taiwan.

Only a few do this, but it only takes a few to economically influence an entire world as Morris Change demonstrated.
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Footage of Russian military personnel using an MT-LB armored personnel carrier as a kamikaze vehicle in the Avdeevsky direction near the city of Donetsk. The MT-LB military transporter was loaded with a large amount of explosives and sent towards the positions of the Ukrainian army. The armored personnel carrier did not reach the Ukrainian positions and exploded on an anti-tank mine. This is already the third case of military equipment being used as kamikaze vehicles in Ukraine.


The Fall | The Ukrainian SU-27 Pilot Defected To The Russian Side. Military Summary For 2023.11.18

Here is the deal...

In every war, opponents always tried to exploit each other's weaknesses, flaws, ignorance, and incompetence. Great multi-stars military leaders became 'great' because they excelled at recognizing when/where/how to exploit. The corollary is that leaders, political and military, were derided because they failed to address their own weaknesses, flaws, ignorance, and incompetence.

The video above gives the latest updates on how Russia is faring in Ukraine. People can turn against Ukraine and points out how Ukraine is corrupt, militarily small, inept conscripts, and so on and on. None of those accusations are false. But that is precisely the point. Russia, after two yrs, failed to exploit Ukraine's weaknesses, flaws, ignorance, and incompetence. But even if Russia tried to exploit, Russia failed, so what does that say about Russia's military leadership? Not good.

Two things can be true at once without colliding against each other where one negates the other. That Ukraine is corrupt inside a list of serious problems. That Russia despite their size revealed to be an utter failure as a military power. Both are true. Ukraine failed to exploit Russia's failures on the battlefields, but at least Ukraine has the excuse that they are smaller than Russia, and it is a credible excuse. Historically, the larger usually preyed on the smaller, and usually the larger won. International aid to Ukraine upsets this norm. Did Russia anticipated this? No. Then why not? Remember, the communist bloc aided communist insurgencies around the world during the Cold War yrs. That qualified as 'international aid'. The most notable ones were Korea and Viet Nam. Did that failure to anticipate made Russia overconfident that whatever military forces arrayed against Ukraine would win? Absolutely. Overconfidence is a great flaw and everyone was guilty of that one time or another.

Ultimately, Russia can still win in Ukraine, but at great cost. Politically speaking, Russia will be isolated and reviled. Militarily speaking, the Russian military will be relegated to Third World status. That does not mean the EU countries will not fear the Russian military. A rusty knife can still do serious harm. But how ever which way the Ukraine situation will turn out, everyone will know how to restrain the Russian military, and embarrassingly so.
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Ukrainians Retreat Near Avdiivka And Bakhmut. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.18


US Assistance To Ukraine Is Aimed At Protecting American Troops. Military Summary For 2023.11.19


Nobody is safe in a country like Russia.

Those who are cheering for Russia have no idea how it feels to live in fear and censorship. Even a tourist is not safe in Russia who might have been a critic of Russian policy at some point.

It's not about whether Russia is a good country or bad

The reality is the world NEEDS Russia to win, the western order is a one sided grouping and as we can see it's support for slaughter of Palestinians , their is no real right or wrong, or values or laws, they will justify genocide of it suits them

So Russia MUST win and we must support it
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