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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2

Those crew are dead. Those vehicles are clearly over pressured with hatches blown open.
Those hatch were opened, not blown open, if the hatch was blown open, you won't see the cover on top and those ram on the Bradley lowered.

I don't know if those crew was dead because they can be opened by someone else just saying it wasn't blown open
This is war - and there will be losses.That is the nature of war. You only have too see how many Turkish Leopards were destroyed in Syria, or M1 Abrahams in Iraq to see they do get "destroyed" from time to time. Tanks will be destroyed. Some mistakes will have been made. But - right now - it does not look like Ukraine has made that many mistakes.

The same pictures of destroyed western tanks and vehicles are re-appearing again and again - there is very little "new" footage appearing - suggesting these specific incidents were small and have not been repeated in other areas.

The counter offensive is in an early stage - now that the strategic pause from Ukraine is over following their successes in Kherson and Kharkiv - we will see more terrority liberated from russian occupation.

Ukraine is stronger now, then it was when it reclaimed Kherson and Kharkiv. Russia is relatively speaking, weaker now than it was at that time.

The defences that Russia has built up since, are indeed, formiddable - but they will be overcome. It will cost Ukraine for sure - but that is a known and accepted by all.

The same pictures of 3-4 Leopard tanks is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and those who are using those images to suggest the offensive has somehow failed, truly do not understand the depth of resourcres that have been put together for this offensive or the level of attrition they are prepared to accept to meet their objectives.

Many more Challengers, Leopards, M1A1 will be destroyed before this over, but if then we have a free independent ukraine that has reclaimed all its land - then it more a price worth paying.
lol, I love when people jump to conclusion when the offensive is not even 3 days old. This is not like that Russian winter offensive when it's 5 months ago and it all done and dusted,

You can never judge an offensive this early when Ukraine did not even commit most of their resource.

The problem is loss is ALWAYS expected, and the fact on the ground being how many grounds you can gain with those loss. And from what I read last night, the shown loss already covered 11km into northern flank in Bakhmut and around 2 km into Zaporizhya, that number of losses is proportional to the ground gained.
Without complete air superiority, all armored vehicles are vulnerable ... Now its NATO turn to learn this ...

This is the Western attitude: to talk naturally about the ethnic cleansing of Crimea, where 90% of the population is Russian and which is Russia before California was USA

The kamikaze regime in Kiev is a mere tool in the service of London and its dream Crimean War 2.0

The Ukrainian Gambit, sacrificing Ukrainian pawns out of hatred for Russia, will go down in history as one of the pinnacles of the cruelty of the London ruling class.
Look at how carried away Ukrainians are not realizing they are being used to weaken a traditional western enemy.
Look at how carried away Ukrainians are not realizing they are being used to weaken a traditional western enemy.
While I do agree with you where NATO is using Ukraine to weaken Russia and making Europe to fulfil their responsibility,

Thing is, you can't really blame them, that is "Presented" to them as the Russian and Putin in particular is the useful Idiots in this end.

I mean, all these can only ever happen if Russia is stupid enough to attack thinking war in this scale will not tip European counties in NATO favor, and they are stupid enough to attack.
The members of the EU and NATO are sovereign countries.
They make decisions on their own and the EU is focusing on very different things from NATO. What is NATOs fishing policy?

Austria cannot join NATO or any other alliance due to a part of their constitution enforced upon them by the WWII victory powers.
The UK left the EU.
Turkey does not meet EU requirements on democracy.
Sweden NATO membership is blocked by Turkey.
There was nothing to prevent the EU from taking over its defense from NATO. Nothing. Everything you listed could have been compromised out somehow. When the Soviet Union collapsed, that was when Europe should have began to reform its collective defense posture to minimize, if not remove, the US from the equation. No one could reasonably expect the transition to be overnight or even within a few yrs, but today is 30-something yrs passed and Europe is essentially still under US protection umbrella.
Now, we have new western propaganda ...

Our device may get destroyed , but they save lives .... We are better

No one ever said Bradley’s can’t get destroyed or disabled. There’s no such thing as a magic weapon. But as you can clearly see all the crews were saved. Unlike the Russians who get sent to orbit or fried to a crisp.

That’s Western tech for you. I can guarantee you those soldiers were happy they were in a Bradley and not a BMP.

Video from the Bradley pileup. Bradley may have been disabled but it saves lives
As you know, I drove Bradley for over 1.5 years before getting into Ranger School.

Those Bradley are suffering from Mine Damage, I would consider them minor damage, the one key factor is you can see the driver from the returning Bradley that hit the mine and pop the hatch, which mean he is okay, the engine and the turret is right next to him (Next to him at the driver seat), as well as spare 25mm munition (Spare TOW are stowed in the back cabin) that suggest the engine and the turret control is okay, otherwise he could not be able to open the hatch.

Damage like that usually can be repaired by retreading the track and replacing the sprocket and the road wheel, that told me the cabin was not penetrated. And I am pretty sure if they have a recovery vehicle they could most definitely tow them away and repair it.
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