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Pakistan selling its golf courses in deparate attempt to divert default

Pakistan is a country of 220million people - there is nothing that can stand in the way of that if the people are determined ..
Don’t take this the wrong way but, look at the people fighting us today and who rebelled against the state in the previous 20-30 years. Look at all the people killed in the last 20-30 years who were labelled as terrorists and see if they were determined and what caused them to fight the state. Again don’t take this the wrong way because I don’t sympathize nor support terrorists. But the people who are fighting us in Balochistan or Tribal areas, they didn’t just wake up and decide to fight the state for no reason. The trigger for them already came and they were determined to fight. What about the rest of the nation? Did they listen to the poor kid from Balochistan about the injustices there or did they listen to the mothers of waziristan who lost their madrassa age children in American drone attacks? The trigger already took place many times. The people who were actually DETERMINED picked up arms to take revenge from the state. The 220 million Pakistanis you speak so highly of didn’t listen to the cries of waziristan or Balochistan and instead went upon their peaceful day and just brushing them off as terrorists. There’s many instances of people who lost loved ones in drone strikes they in anger joined TTP to seek vengeance and were eventually killed as terrorists. Didn’t they have a trigger and determination for revenge for the unjust drone strikes which massacred thousands in Pakistan? Again don’t take me wrong, two wrongs don’t make a right. But your acting as if some how magically every Pakistani will be united and will end this system of corruption and injustice. But let me tell you the truth, in Pakistan no one will give a damn until it hits home. No one will care until these mafia rulers take their loved ones. In Pakistan people only care about surviving from day to day. And what trigger are you waiting for? Wasn’t there enough triggers in the last 75 years for Pakistanis? There was a trigger for every single ideology and ethnicity in Pakistan to take a stand but they didn’t. Those poor ones who did were killed within no time by the state and passed off as terrorists. Case closed. We often brush baloch groups or ttp as raw funded but raw doesn’t motivate the foot soldiers to join them or their sympathizers to sympathize with them. If tomorrow a group of 100 Sindhis raid Zardari house, level it, and raise Sindhi nationalist flag over it, will the rest of the nation call them freedom fighters or terrorists? If tomorrow a loved one of a victim of fake encounters raids a police station full of police officers involved in that fake encounter, will the nation call the person a terrorist, or will they take a stand and oppose ssg or army from protecting these mafia rulers and their stooges? You remember a few days ago a generals leopard killed someone in DHA Islamabad? If tomorrow their loved one picks up a gun and serves Justice to that retired general, who’s illegal pet leopard and criminal negligence caused a life, will the nation stand behind the person seeking revenge or will they remain quiet and he’s killed in a “shootout” with the states security forces?
No militancy can thrive without injustice and state depriving them of their basic rights. Pakistanis had many triggers. Pakistanis are just sheepish people.

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