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Overview of the combined military arsenal of the GCC


May 28, 2022
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Is there scholarly work, a military webpage, some up to date military encyclopedia or some other open source where one can easily get an overview of the full military arsenal of each GCC member state given that the GCC is also a formal military alliance (Peninsula Shield Force)?

Yes, I have given Wikipedia a try but I find many of the pages to be outdated not to mention that everyone can freely edit it.

@Philip the Arab @hamza gareeb @The SC @Abu Dhabi
I don’t recall if there is any summarized source but it should be worked on as soon as possible in my opinion.

For military enthusiasts and in particular those interested in developments within the Arab world, there should be an military encyclopedia for the entire Arab world and all Arab countries. Updated on an annual basis.

It could/should be divided into military branches and into military purchases from abroad and indigenous/local military projects. Some/a large portion of such projects are obviously confidential and not publicly known but I am talking about just publicly known projects, military purchases and numbers.

I find the secrecy and different data publicized by various sources frustrating.

If I am not wrong, NATO has some kind of open military encyclopedia that is kept updated on an annual basis.

As strange as this might sound, English/Arabic Wikipedia might be the best open source to get an overview of this.

I mean such a military encyclopedia would also give a great overview of what military branches need strengthening and which not. In other words it gives a nice overview.

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