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  • hey buddy.. how are you ? hope you are well. iv been away for 2 days. did i miss anything ? hahaha
    عاد مسخوا.. الإيرانية كل ما يشتكو قفلو ثرد. هذي المره حرب
    My new avatar is the endangered but majestic Arabian leopard. May it be preserved before it will be too late.
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    my best friends uncle is the president of the saudi wildlife authority. really smart and the right man on the job. he loves wildlife hes not doing it just as a job. i hope the government will give him the support he needs
    هلا يا طيب.. اقولك ابغى اادب بعض اللي شغالين هنا. في بعضهم منحازين لايران و الشيعه. حفتح ثرد بس سؤالي اسوي منشن لمين. في الحيوان " واز " والكلام موجه لو. لكن مين في اشخاص شغالين في الموقع محايدين اقدر امنشنهم ؟ لقيت ويب ماستر و هوروز في احد ثاني ؟
    طبعا الثرد حق سوريا واز قفل التعليق في و الايرانيين و الشيعه مبسوطين.
    hey buddy how u doing ? i was trying to gather king abdullah achievements last 10 years in a list and from reading your posts here i thought you might help me with it. mashallah you always gather useful informations so let me know if you got any. im trying to gather as much as i can. mainly mega projects and political and humanitarian achievements. bringing peace to the ME and the world. etc...
    thanks and take care
    hey buddy how u doing ? you got an account on twitter ? or you prefer to keep it personal ? haha
    im going to open an account now thats why im asking
    take care
    Hello my brother, I've recently been researching my family history and I found out that I have hijazi roots! http://www.khasawneh.info so I just wanted to tell you so you're not surprised if I sometimes call you 'my fellow hijazi' or something like that lol. I know these ancestory lines are somewhat arbitrary, I mean we're all brothers in humanity but still I thought it was kind of cool.
    May permanent peace be brought to the Arab world. The cradle of civilization. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.
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