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Iran will establish a permanent station in Antarctica

Interesting questions do often cause discomfort amongst those looking for just an echo chamber.

However, I have no interest in wasting my time on those who resort to personal attacks. So I will, for the first time of PDF, test out this "ignore" button thingie.

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Good to see that you sod off so easily. Good

Like I said I stated going to step away from a land mine over something that hasn’t happened yet moving on
So what?
Let's back on topic.

Amir Shahram Irani made promise to equip Iranian ships with ice breaking capability. It is a must to reach shores of South pole.

As a result, we can conclude that there is no need for brand new ships in that class and the only requirement would be to equip the existing ships.

This ship can produce 14,000 horsepower output using 4 Bonyan engines. The least power to make a ship ice breaker is 10,000 HP. And the Sina class ships left that behind.


Russian ice breaker considered as most capable ice breaker in the world. It is nuclear powered.
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There’s plausible deniability and than there’s outright saying your going to use Antarctic to attack enemy’s in the future, Iran can set up dual use activities lol I am sure there are spies there as well but to be fair again I don’t know if any of you have ever been to sub zero weather regions I have not fun at all but again stepping away from a minefield just stating what I believe is written down by law.
we have places (cities and villages) in our country with sub zero temperature at winter
I assure you that Brazil is a lot closer to Antarctica than Iran. You will just have to trust me on that. 😀

The reason I linked the Brazilian base is that I found a price tag for it. $100M. In the interests of determining how much Iran would likely need to spend to build a base as per the article at the start of this whole thread.

However, as someone else intimated, the Brazilian base is a large, luxury build out.

Of course an Antarctic base is rightfully at the very top of all the national projects Iran should be pursuing. Absolutely! Especially when allocating their national treasure and focus. I can not possibly even start to think of what else might even come close.

However, if someone has some $ figure for a slightly more... frugal, existing example for the Iranians to consider, just in case the spoil-sports at the top of the regime do not fund it quite at the level it properly deserves - what with Iran's honour and all at stake here - enquiring minds would love to see that example.

The failure in your cost analysis are primarily:

- Connecting costs to 'dollars'. Iran hasn't played that game for a while as you must be aware. Brazil has been, rightly, attempting to disconnect from the sticky dollar as well. Iran sanctions have been a huge boon in disguise. A substantial trigger in reinvigorating the raison d'etre of BRICS (+)
- Iran will build using Iranian tech for whatever it needs--again disconnected from the 'dollar'.
- This links well with Iranian nuclear tech--especially in regards to nuclear powered ice-breakers (read military application to the global Iranian naval fleet)
- Iran may very will start with a joint venture with Russia. Substantially reducing the real (non-dollar) costs
- hard environmenst are excellent tools for Iran's burgeoning space program.
- Don't forget the Iran military with thousands of missiles, drone, hundreds of ships and boats and tanks and planes. Measured by the 'dollar' they cannot exist.
- With Iran's longstanding geopolitical strategy, the opportunity cost of NOT doing this has become far too great.

Given the above, using your '$100M' yard stick is trying to measure an apple's weight with a yardstick. Doesn't work. As such, the real cost can be far more or far less. Regardless it can be absorbed.
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