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  • Regd the jet engine deal,
    Interested Indians are better off getting answers at the Turkish run defence forum (defence hub) that split away from this one some years back (to follow a zero troll policy unlike here). There is Indian mod there that actually works in the industry you can query and discuss with. @vikan @NG Missile Vessels @CallSignMaverick
    Many pak members think that this fool is a knowledgeable and well read fellow. I just want his truth to be out there.
    And thanks for the support:-)
    Same here dude .... I'm gud ....

    hey Indian defense forum chusava ???? mana vallu andaru akada unaru

    send me ur email Id
    i uploaded the picture on a free image hosting website.. like imageshack.us
    then pasted the image link

    I saw you comment in a thread where you mentioned my name. Just wanted to let you know why i posted the said article. I do not agree with what the writer claims but his views were unorthodox and thus contentious. I had a healthy debate in mind but it turned out to be something else. Hope i ve made myself clear. And i appreciate your sentiments.


    Hello sir,
    I am from Delhi
    I have request to you and hope you can pass on to other members since you are a senior member.

    Let us not discuss or tell about some strategic positions, demography of the area where you live and any establishment near to your house. I hope you can understand. Let's us be low profile. It's good for us.
    Through this form one can have a lot of information about our current Projects and planning without really doing a hardwork.
    Hope you will take this as a consideration.
    Thanking you!!
    Exactly dude I'm from Secunderabad ..... But presently I'm in Texas for my higher education .... Hope you are also from Hyd.
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