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Iran unveils hypersonic weapon 'Fattah'


Oct 27, 2019
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Range: 1400km
mid phase speed: mach 25
Glide speed: mach 8
impact speed: mach 5

مشرق نیوز - اولین تصویر از موشک فتاح

Iranian news agencies (including above link) broke the news by publishing these speed figures at first (you can see them in google cache), apparently took it from an IRGC affiliated telegram channel, later all of them (in a rather suspicious move) removed the whole article and just mentioned mach 13-15 speed without elaborating.
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Why have they unveiled it this way? No video of the test fire?!
Until Iran successfully tests it nothing can be said for sure.

They are going to show the test footage. Iran is probably the only country in the world that shows its missiles with onboard Cameras in boost, mid, and terminal phases, pulling maneuvers, detaching RVs etc. Then the RV hits the target where a pre-set camera is stationed to confirm the low CEP. Even the Anti Shipping Ballistic Missiles Tests had cameras in RV showing itself ramming into the deck of target vessel.

From TBM to IRBMs, we have had this method for a decade now.

I think only Russia has operational hypersonic missiles (Zircon/Kinzhal)

and now we have it.

According to Hajizadeh, this missile is designed to attack air defense systems. Let's call it upgraded Hormuz-1.

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Is it passive-guided Anti Radiation Missile like Hormuz-1/2?
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Is it passive-guided Anti Radiation Missile like Hormuz-1/2?
I based my claim upon Hajizadeh's words from last year.

آبان سال ۱۴۰۱ بود که سردار حاجی‌زاده در حاشیه مراسم سالگرد شهادت سردار طهرانی‌مقدم در ستاد نیروی هوافضای سپاه از ساخت یک موشک بالستیک هایپرسونیک خبر داد و گفت: این موشک سرعت بالایی دارد و در جو و خارج از جو می‌تواند ‌مانور دهد.

وی خاطرنشان کرد: این موشک جدید از همه سامانه های سپر موشکی عبور می‌کند و فکر نمی‌کنم تا دهها سال بعد هم فناوری پیدا شود که بتوان با آن مقابله کند. این موشک سامانه های ضد موشکی دشمن را هدف قرار می دهد و یک جهش بزرگ نسلی در حوزه موشکی است
I based my claim upon Hajizadeh's words from last year.

In November 1401, General Hajizadeh announced the construction of a hypersonic ballistic missile on the sidelines of the anniversary ceremony of the martyrdom of General Tehrani Moghaddam at the headquarters of the IRGC Aerospace Force, and said: "This missile has a high speed and can maneuver in the atmosphere and out of the atmosphere."

"This new missile passes through all the missile shield systems, and I don't think there will be technology that can be countered for decades to come. The missile targets enemy anti-missile systems and is a major generational leap in the missile field

He could very well be saying that a Hypersonic Weapon like Fattah can take out any AD/ABM, not saying anything about anti-radiation passive guidance like the one in Hormuz.

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