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Iran’s Fattah hypersonic missile: real threat and technological challenge

Has any air defense manufacturer ever tried intercepting an HGV before?

The MaRV-HGV like Fattah is almost impossible to catch.

It’ll serve to open up Israel in a sense: FATTAH will obliterate any ABM installations that could shoot down missiles like Kheybar-Sheikan, EMAD, SHAHAB-3, Khorramshahr-1,2 and K-4, Dezful, etc., leaving room for other more numerous long range munitions to make their way in.
Don't forget Sejjil, Rezvan, Haj Qasem, Ghadr, Qiam ...
Don't forget Sejjil, Rezvan, Haj Qasem, Ghadr, Qiam ...
Hence why I said “etc.,”

But I don’t think Hajj-Qassem Q-BM is even in full production as it’s more of a Defense Ministry project that wasn’t shown much interest from the IRGC AEROSPACE forces (despite its namesake). We haven’t seen it in any meaningful capacity ever since that initial unveiling.

So far we known Dezful (more for Persian Gulf Arab States), Kheybar-Sheikan and FATTAH are frontline “anti-Israel” weapons with one purpose. To smash targets in Israel.

EMAD, Qiam, SHAHAB, Khorramshahr, Seijjil, Ghadr, Rezvan and others need the highest degree of success possible. Can’t stress enough how important FATTAH is in opening up a hole in their defenses so more numerous weapons can get through.
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