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Latest News of Babin Bridge Megaproject, Land on the Side of Bintan Island Completed 100 Percent​

Batam-Bintan Bridge Rendering

Batam-Bintan Bridge Rendering(Ministry of PUPR)

BATAM, KOMPAS.com - Land acquisition Mega Project Batam-Bintan Bridge (Babin) on the side Bintan Island, Riau Islands (Kepri), completely completed (100 percent).

This was marked by the handover of five certificates with an area of 0.867 hetar in the Tanjung Permai Area, Bintan by the Head of the BPN Kepri Regional Office Nurhadi Putra to the Governor of Kepri Ansar Ahmad at the Regional Building, Tanjungpinang, Monday (8/5/2023).

Implementation land acquisition is one of the duties and responsibilities of the Kepri Provincial Government in terms of completing the Readines Criteria, where the total amount of land needed is approximately 74.43 hectares.

"Especially in the Bintan Island area, the total number is 48 certificates from 121 fields with a land acquisition area of 26,138 hectares," said Kepri Governor Ansar Ahmad through a written statement received by Kompas.com, Monday (8/5/2023).

With the completion of the land acquisition of the Babin Bridge project on the side of the Bintan Island landing point, it is the first step to realize the dream of the people of Kepri connected by land.

"Moreover, the existence of the Babin Bridge is the ideal and dream of the people of Kepri today and also the promise of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, so that the completion process is very urged by the Central Government and the Kepri Provincial Government," said Ansar.

Ansar admitted that the plan to build the Babin Bridge has been included in the Grand Book of Bappenas.

"God willing, if all the preparatory documents for the construction of the Babin Bridge are completed by the end of the year, the construction of the Babin Bridge can begin next year, "said Ansar.

Not only that, discussions are also carried out with the Ministry of PUPR, investors, and banks who will guarantee the funding of this project, so that it is expected to be more financially and investment-viable.

"On Bintan Island alone has three government centers, then tourism and industrial centers so that the existence of the Babin bridge can be an economic driver and prosper the people of Kepri," said Ansar.

Batam-Bintan Bridge Rendering

Batam-Bintan Bridge Rendering(Ministry of PUPR)

Meanwhile, Head of BPN Kepri Nurhadi Putra said, after the completion of land acquisition on the Bintan Island side, his party was still waiting for the completion of land acquisition on the Batam City side.

"For the future, we are still waiting for the completion of four plots of land in Batam City under the auspices of BP Batam to proceed to the next stage," Nurhadi added.

On the other hand, the Head of the National Road Development Center for Region I Kepri Stanley Cicerio Haggard Tuapatinajja revealed that until now his party continues to supervise various important documents supporting the construction of the Batam Bintan Bridge.

"We have received the results of the planning evaluation related to the foundation of the Batam Bintan Bridge. After being checked by the Bridge and Road Tunnel Safety Commission, there are still some fittings to be added," Stanley explained.

The plan for soil investigation of foundations in the sea requires an additional budget of Rp 68 billion which has been approved by the Ministry of PUPR and will soon be auctioned this year.

"God willing, later the package to be auctioned aims to conduct an underwater soil investigation from the bridge. The importance of this investigation is carried out so that in the future this bridge will not have problems that cause additional costs, "concluded Stanley.

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Cimanggis-Cibitung Highway project, West Java

Jogja-Solo Highway Project, Central Java

Jogya-Bawen Highway, Central Java

Rural areas in East Java Island, in the end of the road we will meet large forest.

Cisumdawu Highway project, West Java

Jogja-Solo Highway, Central Java

Jakarta-Bandung HSR

Tegaluar Station/Depo, Bandung, West Java

Kediri Airport development, East Java

Serbaraja Highway, Banten Province


Hutama Karya Ready to Inaugurate 6 Trans Sumatra Toll Roads in the Second Semester of 2023​


Hutama Karya Ready to Inaugurate 6 Trans Sumatra Toll Roads in the Second Semester of 2023
Hutama Karya Ready to Inaugurate 6 Trans Sumatra Toll Roads in the Second Semester of 2023 © Iggoy el Fitra

3 hours ago

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Hutama Karya (Persero) is ready to inaugurate 6 Trans Sumatra toll roads in semester 2 of 2023. President Director of PT Hutama Karya (Persero) Budi Harto said the completion of the six toll roads recorded good toll road development in Sumatra.

The six toll roads ready to be inaugurated are as follows:

1. Sigli - Banda Aceh Toll Road with a length of 74 km.
2. Kuala Tanjung - Pematang Siantar Toll Road with a length of 93 km.
3. Pekanbaru - Bangkinang toll road with a length of 40 km.
4. Bangkinang - Pangkalan Toll Road with a length of 24.7 km.
5. Binjai - Pangkalan Brandan Toll Road with a length of 58 km.
6. Kisaran - Indrapura Toll Road with a length of 48 km.

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In addition to the six toll roads, Budi also said that Hutama had continued the work on the 37 km Siring - Padang Toll Road which had previously been delayed.

"Sicincin-Padang will be completed next year (2024). This is because only 3 months ago it started again (the work), now the land acquisition is 86%," said Budi when met by Kontan, Thursday (10/08).

In addition to the toll road that is ready to be inaugurated and continued work. Hutama is also preparing three new toll roads that will be worked on soon.

The first toll road is the Pekanbaru Ring Road with a length of 30.9 km. The amount of investment in this toll road reached Rp 7.909 trillion.

The second is the Betung-Tempino-Jambi (Dukon) Toll Road with a length of 34 km. The amount of investment in this toll road reached Rp 5.995 trillion.

And the third is the Betung-Tempino-Jambi (Non Dukon) Toll Road with a length of 136 km with an investment value of Rp 21.273 trillion.

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"The dukon is with the state budget, non-dukon with the new financing system, called service-based periodic payments," said Budi.

"So we have 30% capital then because the traffic is still very small, the government will return our investment for 10 years," he added.

Budi added, that way (non-dukon) will be more relaxed in the use of the State Budget (APBN).
"Maybe it will be used a lot (this way) in the future, because there are choices in the budget. So 30% of capital, 70% of loans will be given for 10 years," he said.

Cisumdawu Toll road has been operated. West Java

Batu Ampar port development design (Batam Island/Malacca Strait)


Batam LRT program


Airport development, Hang Nadim terminal 2



Supporting the IKN Project, Jokowi Prepares an Infrastructure Budget of IDR 422.7 Trillion (28 billion USD) in 2024​


Aerial photo of the Leuwikeris Dam construction project at Gardu Pandang, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java, Tuesday (11/7/2023). The government allocates Rp 422.7 trillion for infrastructure.© Antara/Adeng Bustomi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the government prepared an infrastructure budget of IDR 422.7 trillion in the 2024 State Budget Draft (RAPBN). This budget will be used to encourage productivity, mobility and connectivity, as well as equitable equity.

This was conveyed by Jokowi in the Government Statement on the Draft Law on the State Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 along with its Financial Memorandum at the Nusantara MPR/DPR/DPD Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/8/2023). "To encourage productivity, mobility and connectivity, as well as equitable equity, the infrastructure budget is allocated at Rp 422.7 trillion," Jokowi said.

The 2024 infrastructure budget will be directed towards strengthening the provision of basic services; increased productivity through connectivity and mobility infrastructure; and improvement of irrigation networks through the construction of dams, primary, secondary, and tertiary irrigation canals to support the development project of the Capital City of Nusantara (IKN).

"Provision of infrastructure in the field of energy and food that is affordable, and sustainable; equitable access to Information and Communication Technology; as well as supporting strategic projects, including the construction of IKN," Jokowi continued.

In addition, the government also allocates a budget in the field of food security of Rp 108.8 trillion (7 billion USD). This budget is prioritized for increasing food availability, access, and price stabilization; increased domestic food production; strengthening of peasant institutions; and financing support and farm business protection.

In addition, it is also to accelerate the development and rehabilitation of food infrastructure; development of food estate areas; and strengthening national food reserves.

"The economic transformation strategy in the field of food security is allocated Rp 108.8 trillion," Jokowi said.

Meanwhile, to encourage economic activities for high added value, including by encouraging the downstream of natural resources. Jokowi said fiscal support had been provided in the form of tax incentives and various other fiscal incentives.

"So far, support has been given to the development of Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicles (KBLBB)," he said.

Jokowi said, this step is to encourage the acceleration of economic transformation in order to create high added value, expand job opportunities, and use environmentally friendly energy so as to reduce emissions, as well as energy subsidy efficiency.


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