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Greater Jakarta LRT project, National Companies Consortium


Jul 25, 2013
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Greater Jakarta LRT​

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The Greater Jakarta LRT or Jabodebek LRT is a light rail system currently under construction in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, as well as the adjacent areas of West Java and Banten, both within the Jakarta Metropolitan area. It is being implemented by the central government. To be directly operated by Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) (rather than by its subsidiary KAI Commuter), the system is planned to connect the Jakarta city center with suburbs in Greater Jakarta such as Bogor, Depok and Bekasi, hence its acronym "Jabodebek".[2]


The project is developed by state owned consortium (PT Adhi Karya/Builder, PT LEN Industri (Electronics), PT INKA (Train maker), and PT KAI (Train operator) ).

Greater Jakarta LRT system seen in Setiabudi-Dukuh Atas region. Jakarta business district regions.

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Expected to be operated at the same time with Jakarta-Bandung HSR, LRT Development Progress Reaches 87%​

Story from Andhika Prasetyo • 6 hours ago


Greater Jakarta LRT system

Jakarta: President Joko Widodo is optimistic that the Light Rail Transit (LRT) mode of transportation will be able to operate in June 2023. Currently, the progress of infrastructure development has reached 87 percent. Meanwhile, the work that is still being carried out includes the creation of a depot or parking lot and the maintenance of the train.

"We hope that later in June or July 2023, it will be able to operate. This will coincide with the high-speed train," said Jokowi at the Taman Mini LRT Station, Jakarta, Monday, December 26, 2022.

He expressed that confidence after trying the mass transit in person with a limited number of ministers and entourages. From the short experiment, Jokowi felt that the LRT was feasible to run. Some rudimentary technical things, in his opinion, can be fixed in a quick time.

"Earlier I tried the LRT from Harjamukti station (Depok, West Java) to Taman Mini Station (Jakarta). The route is nine kilometers long and is traveled in 12 minutes, with a train speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Very fast and without a machinist," said the former Mayor of Surakarta.

"I was comfortable, fast, and not noisy just now. I think just after the turn, there was a very small sound."

He also admitted that he was proud because the train that will operate later is entirely domestically produced, namely PT INKA. The Company is trusted to build all parts up to the operating system without a machinist.

"We are proud because this train is made by INKA. Everything is made by INKA, including the system without a machinist," concluded Jokowi.

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LRT Jabodebek made by PT INKA (Persero)​

The national companies' consortium first experience in building LRT system is in Palembang, South Sumatra province. LRT Palembang is completed around 2018, about 4 years ago. The train is also built by PT INKA. Unlike Greater Jakarta LRT that is built by PT Adhi Karya, Palembang LRT is built by PT Waskita Karya, both are state owned construction companies.

Palembang LRT, South Sumatra

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Jabodebek LRT Construction 88.4 Percent, Confident of July Operating​

Story from Tempo.co • Yesterday 16.17

Integration station in Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Jabodetabek LRT Division of PT KAI (Persero) Mochamad Purnomosidi conveyed the development of the lightning gauge project ahead of operations in July 2023. "So our overall progress has been 88.4 percent," he said at the Jabodebek LRT Depot, Bekasi, West Java, on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

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According to him, currently there are only testing questions in cross-services one, two, three, and depots. As for infrastructure, Purnomosidi explained, everything has been completed. "Now we are testing, how to eliminate the role or function of a machinist. We eliminate it, we replace it with a system," he said.

For the cross-service test one, he called it complete. In fact, Purnomosidi said, the train had also been run by President Joko Widodo aka Jokowi at the end of last year. Currently, testing is shifting to cross two services, namely from Cawang Station to Dukuh Atas.

"In parallel, we completed three cross-services, from Cawang to Jatimulya or East Bekasi. We also completed the depot," said Purnomosidi.

He also said that his party is optimistic that in July 2023, according to the target, the Jabodebek LRT can be operated commercially. "In accordance with what President Jokowi said some time ago," Purnomosidi said.

The Jabodebek LRT will be operated using a Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system with Grade of Automation (GoA) level 3. The CBTC system is a communication-based train operating system. Thus, the system can operate the train and project the schedule automatically from the operation control center without a machinist.

"Even without a machinist, there are still officers called train attendants. They are in charge of providing services to customers and if needed for handling in emergency conditions," said Jabodebek LRT Public Relations Manager Kuswardojo through a written statement, Thursday, January 12, 2023.

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Kuswardojo said that the Jabodebek LRT will operate 31 networks. Each series consists of 6 trains. With such capacity. The Jabodetabek LRT is able to carry up to 1,308 passengers.

This mode of public transportation will start at 05.00 WIB until 23.27. Later, the Jabodebek LRT will serve an average of 434 train trips every day.

"Our initial target is to have 137,000 service users every day. This LRT will be present every 4 minutes at Dukuh Atas - Cawang Station, every 8 minutes at Jati Mulya - Cawang Station, and every 8 minutes at Harjamukti - Cawang Station," said Kuswardojo.

In total, Jabodebek LRT serves the community by presenting 18 stations, namely Dukuh Atas Station, Setiabudi, Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Pancoran, Cikoko, Ciliwung, Cawang, TMII, Kampung Rambutan, Ciracas, Harjamukti, Halim, Jatibening Baru, Cikunir I, Cikunir II, West Bekasi, and Jati Mulya.

These stations, Kuswardojo continued to be integrated with other modes of transportation, thus facilitating community mobility. In addition, Jabodebek LRT stations are spread in strategic locations ranging from residential areas, shopping, to business districts, making it easier for people to use Jabodebek LRT.

"For services, we implement a cashless system using existing transportation electronic money cards. For example, KMT, electronic money cards, or digital wallets or e-wallets," Kuswardojo said.

Another test with some parliament members as passenger

Greater Jakarta LRT system will also help connectivity with Jakarta-Bandung HSR system. So with the operation of Greater Jakarta LRT system, it will not be difficult for Jakartan people to use Jakarta-Bandung HSR.

Integration station in Kuningan, South Jakarta. This will integrate LRT with BRT system (TransJakarta).

Integration station in Kuningan, South Jakarta


KAI: LRT Jabodebek Ready to Run in July 2023​

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Laila Afifa
4 February 2023 21:27 WIB


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia or PT KAI targeted the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) for the Jakarta greater area, or LRT Jabodebek, to be operational in July 2023. Public Relations VP of PT KAI Joni Martinus said that the LRT project has reached 89.11 percent.

"PT Kereta Api Indonesia is committed to finishing the LRT Jabodebek project with Good Corporate Governance (GCG)," Joni said in a press statement on Saturday, Feb. 4.

In developing the LRT project in the Greater Jakarta area, PT KAI collaborated with the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) to realize project development accountability, Joni went on.

“KAI collaborates with BPKP, so all of the purchases related to LRT Jabodebek will be reviewed and KAI will spend according to the recommendation from the state auditor," he said.

In its operation, LRT Jabodebek will use the Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system with level 3 Grade of Automation (GoA). The CBTC system will operate the train and project the schedule automatically from the operation control center and driverless.

In a day, LRT Jabodebek will operate an average of 434 trips with a capacity of 1,308 passengers on each train set. It will operate from 05:00 to 23:27 with 4-minute headway for the route from Dukuh Atas to Cawang Stations and 8-minute headway for the route from Harjamukti and Cawang to Jati Mulya.

“KAI would like to thank all stakeholders for their involvement and good cooperation. So we hope that LRT Jabodebek can serve the customers at predetermined times," Joni remarked.

LRT Jabodebek is one of the government's strategic projects in order to provide convenience and speed to public transportation. The project is worth Rp3.9 trillion (255 million USD) with 31 train sets or a total of 186 train cars.

The mass transport connecting several cities namely Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi (Jabodebek), and involving institutions such as Transportation Ministry, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI), PT LRT, PT Industri Kereta Api (PT INKA), PT LEN Industri, and PT Adhi Karya.


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Jakarta Aims Public Transportation Users to Grow in 2024​


Ricky Mohammad Nugraha
Laila Afifa
17 February 2023 08:03 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Transportation Agency is aiming to serve more passengers across various public transportation in the capital city in 2024. Initially projected to move 3.6 million people (daily) from point A to point B in 2023, the agency aims to serve 3.9 million commuters (daily) next year.

“We continue to increase the quantity and quality of our public transportation,” said the city’s transportation agency head Syafrin Liputo on Thursday.

As a matter of context, there were nearly 3.5 million commuters that used the city’s public transport on a daily basis in 2022.

The city plans to increase integrated hubs between modes of transport from 22 locations to 26 locations in 2024. Electric-powered Transjakarta bus fleet will also be grown to 120 buses next year as the city is also tackling the issue of emissions.

However, only 30 electric buses were operated last year as the agency initially aimed to operate 100 of them. “By the end of this year, we hope 220 electric buses will be operated,” he explained.

MRT Jakarta will also be improved for next year. Currently, the MRT has a total capacity of serving 173,000 passengers on a daily basis and is expected to grow to 260,000 in 2024 as the Phase 2A project is completed.

The LRT Jakarta, which currently is able to accommodate 18,000 daily passengers, will be integrated with Transjakarta buses and is hoped to transport an average of 145,000 people daily.


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Greater Jakarta LRT line is seen in this video, the train keeps running to test it before the start of the operation for public which is expected to happen in June or July this year.


Adhi Karya (ADHI) Ensures Jabodebek LRT Project Completed in July 2023​

2 hours ago

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Adhi Karya Tbk (ADHI) stated that the construction of Jabodebek Light Rail Transit (LRT) infrastructure has reached 97% and will be completed on time in July 2023. After this, Adhi Karya will focus on the construction of the LRT Phase 2 project.


President Director of Adhi Karya, Entus Asnawi Mukhson explained, currently a Jabodebek LRT trial is being carried out using the Carousel method for 16 trainsets on 3 lines, all of which go to Dukuh Atas.

He further explained that so far the construction of jabodebek LRT project infrastructure has reached 97%, still within the specified time corridor. The project is targeted for completion in July 2023. However, to operate commercially Adhi's management could not disclose because it was waiting for directions from the authorities.

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Entus explained that some of the infrastructure work that is currently still being carried out is the completion of perfecting several stations.

"Then the completion of coordination with bus stations and a fully automated (driverless) railway integration operating system. However, there will be one attendant on standby in the train to ensure the train set runs well," he explained when met at MTH 27 Office Suite Jakarta, Wednesday (15/3).

All systems running on this train apply Grade of Automation (GoA) Level 3 whose system center is the Operation Control Center (OCC) Building of Jabodebek LRT Depot, East Bekasi.

Entus revealed that after this, his party will continue the construction of infrastructure for the phase two LRT project.

ADHI Chart by TradingView

"LRT Phase 2 is also there we are still waiting for when it will be done again. Still waiting for the preparation for at most a year or more than that," he explained.

Entus said that as a contractor, Adhi Karya will focus on preparing working capital and human resources (HR) competencies. But so far, he has not been able to disclose details about the potential value of this Phase 2 LRT project.

"It hasn't been counted yet and we have to see. Based on the Presidential Regulation, the next route from Cibubur to Bogor is 18 kilometers away. If it is connected with the one here (Upper Hamlet) up to 40 kilometers," he said.

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