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India Ups Firepower Along Borders with China with Modern Artillery Guns, Rocket Systems for Army

China can't even handle a tiny Taiwan.

The only place we lack is Air power, we need to have higher number of Rafales to counter the J 20 threat.
This comment is vapid and rather pedestrian take that's simply typed to provoke an emotional response, which means you're just trolling.

China is more than prepared to fight and win Murica and Japan and whatever cannon fodder Murica hope to armtwist to be Murica doggie and fodder


from https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/opin...a-week-if-war-breaks-out.741346/post-13778633

I fail to understand.

First something written to refresh memories


What day dreaming the Americans are capable of!


Should pushing turn to real shoving , there will be no air bases in Japan or Guan or Okinawa for anything to take off from .

But nothing west of the 2nd Island Chain withing 10 minutes of war starting

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

In the first 10++ minutes, all the bases in Japan , Okinawa and Guam will be cratered and hit by the DongFangs with conventional warheads ensuring their planes cannot take off.

Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Asia: Is This China's Real Threat to America?

Shugart and Gonzalez also point out that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has carried out drills simulating preemptive attacks against America’s regional military assets. In one such instance, the PLA Rocket Forces “appears to have been practicing on several ship targets of a similar size to U.S. Arleigh Burke –class destroyers moored in a mock port that is a near-mirror image of the actual inner harbor at the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka.” This is illuminating, the authors note, because the only way the Chinese military could catch three U.S. ships in port is if they conducted a complete surprise attack.
After reviewing Chinese capabilities and doctrines, the authors try to simulate such an attack to judge its effectiveness. Interestingly, while they believe China would strike U.S. bases in Japan and even some Japanese forces, they assume Beijing would avoid attacks on Korea “in order to prevent a distracting second front on the Korean Peninsula while pursuing its primary military goals elsewhere.” In their simulation, they also assume that Beijing would not initially target America’s base at Guam since it is U.S. territory and China would want to prevent an escalation that could result in America bombing mainland China.
Shugart and Gonzales run two different models of a simulated preemptive attack, keeping in mind what they know about U.S. and allied missile defense systems in the region. In both models, “enough ballistic missiles seemed likely to leak through to cause highly significant damage to U.S. bases and forces in the region.” Some of the results of the attacks include:
• “Almost every major fixed headquarters and logistical facility struck, with key headquarters struck within the first few minutes of the conflict.”
• “Almost every U.S. ship in port in Japan struck pierside by ballistic missiles.”
• “In most cases, cratering by ballistic missiles of every runway and runway-length taxiway at all major U.S. air bases in Japan.”
• “As a result of runway cratering, headquarters destruction, and air defense degradation, more than 200 trapped U.S. aircraft destroyed on the ground in the first hours of the conflict.”
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Then Chinese cruise missiles will fly in their thousands to take out what not taken out military assets in that first 10++ minutes.

Chinese AShMs will burn and incinerate Japanese and USA Naval assets.

During that time, Japanese command centers will blown up killing all those inside.

See the photos of test sites in Western China of dummy airfields and plane shelters of air and naval bases in Japan being hit so accurately by DFs.

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

By your own Western military experts. Even if they underestimated the numbers of DFs and Cruise Missiles of China in their reports.

The same way they thought China has only 260 nukes.

The same way Dugout Doug thought no Chinese at all in Korea until Chinese appeared in the hundreds of thousands right within USA and UN troops!

First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia

And then all US air bases and naval bases in Japan and Guam and Diego Garcia and Singapore be rendered inoperational within 10 minutes.

And all assets in the air bases and naval bases hit and destroyed within the next 30 minutes.

All the USA JSTARS and tankers be in flames within an hour.

All carriers within the 3rd Island Chain be burning from end to end.

USA so convinced of that as reality that they moved all their B52s and B1s B2s out of Guam.

And building backups frantically at Tinian . Not as those be immuned .

Probably after DFs hit those airbases naval bases within 10 minutes, the follow up by cruise missiles to do total clean up.

The broom China be using for that clean up might be SKY THUNDER, or the grandsons of SKY THUNDER as SKY THUNDER was in 2020.

The Sky Thunder stand-off weapons dispenser and loiter munitions.

China Shows Off Its New Airfield-Killing Glide Bomb

The U.S. built a weapon just like it decades ago.

Standoff weapons include missiles and bombs that can be released by a jet plane a distance away from the target. This provides less risk for the jet plane and the pilot. The Indian Airforce used SPICE glide bombs (an Israeli standoff weapon) in their famous air strike against terrorist camps in Pakistan earlier this year.

Loiter munitions are "powered" munitions that can 'hang around' in the air longer after they have been released from a plane. They are also called drone weapons.

The Chinese have gone another step ahead. The Chinese have developed a weapons dispenser or weapons canister that can carry up to 240 bomblets which can be released first. Meaning the entire weapons dispenser can fly hundreds of kilometers on its own after release from the plane. (Glide yes or maybe "powered" - the Chinese are not saying). Then once the weapons dispenser reaches the target it will release the munitions which can also fly for some distances on their own. By this time the jet plane and its pilot have safely moved on to another target or turned back.

The munitions themselves could be bomblets or loiter munitions which can take out different targets spread out over an area. What this means is that one pilot and one jet plane becomes a huge force multiplier.

USA so frightened and shitting in their pants that USA moved even further back , almost to Pearl Harbour


Major Airfield Expansion On Wake Island Seen By Satellite As U.S. Preps For Pacific Fight

America's remote island outpost in the Pacific is an essential fallback point for pushing airpower west during a major conflict.

India truly cannot imagine all the above happening to their air bases and naval bases and command centers in India?
Which are nearer to reach of Chinese missiles than those in the 2nd island chain.

When DF26 can reach and touch Diego Garcia and make that into fragments of memories, which base in India will be out of reach?


Followed by SKY THUNDER by the hundreds loaded with very smart AI drones to do the needful to India within the next 30 to 40 minutes



So India think India firepower even more powerderful than Murica and Japan combined?


Then tango with China

:enjoy: Especially with Chinese PCL-191 and FireDragons

details here

China's Version of HIMARS, long-range Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), Could Be 'Game Changer' if Beijing Attacks Taiwan

China's Version of HIMARS, long-range Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), Could Be 'Game Changer' if Beijing Attacks Taiwan BY ZOE STROZEWSKI ON 8/5/22 AT 1:33 PM EDT long-range Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) that has been described as China's version of the HIMARS could be a "game...


Anytime Murica want to embarrass themselves by comparing their touted HIMAR to PHL-191?


Firedragons (range 300KM CEP 1m)

The new M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, will bring the total number committed to Ukraine to 16. The light, wheeled multiple rocket launcher allows Ukraine to strike at ranges of 85 kilometers, or 53 miles,



Type 85 heavy machine gun


After all , Russia is on the frontline of the war waged by Murica and NATO on both of them. Hoping to destroy or weaken Russian prior to taking on China

And also send 100 PCL 191s together with 20,000 Fire Dragons with reach of 350km and CEP of 1 meter ++ :enjoy: :omghaha:

With big missiles, China also got tiny cutie wutie missiles size of cucumbers.
Of much shorter range than the FireDragons.

World first micro missile to hunt snipers, helicopters and armour cars​



China should gift Russia with 500 such boxes for a start.


Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?​

2022-09-05 18:00 HKT

The development of miniature missile systems has become a new trend in the national defense and military industry. The more famous ones are the American Scorpion, Spear and other micro missiles, and China's QN202 micro missiles. Compared with the US micro-missiles, how strong is the Chinese-made micro-missiles?
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

1. What is QN202, and why is it eye-catching?

At the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show, many cutting-edge military weapons appeared, making the audience dizzy. The QN202 micro missile is one of the more eye-catching weapons at this air show. On the introduction card, it intimately used multiple languages to briefly and concisely introduce to the audience where this miniature missile is and where it is new.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

From the appearance, this QN202 is relatively small and exquisite, and the thickness is equivalent to that of an adult's arm. The QN202 mini missile is only 52 cm in size and 1.2 kg in mass, which is basically equivalent to the weight of two bottles of conventional mineral water and is very light.

As can be seen from the pictures uploaded back to the Zhuhai Air Show, QN202 creatively adopts a backpack-style design. The backpack-like storage for individual soldiers makes carrying missiles as easy and fast as students carrying their schoolbags to school. It is expected to greatly increase the speed of assembly of soldiers on the battlefield, thereby improving combat efficiency. A soldier's backpack can carry six QN202 micro missiles. If the soldier holds another one, then one person can carry seven mini-missiles. This type of micro missile system is flexible, easy to carry, and has advantages that traditional missile systems cannot match in the past.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

QN202 manufacturer AutoNavi is a private enterprise based in Wuhan Optics Valley. Although the name is similar to AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd., which developed the AutoNavi map, the two companies are actually not the same. AutoNavi Infrared mainly produced infrared thermal imaging products, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras. In 2014, this company creatively obtained the overall development qualification for a certain type of new and complete weapon system, setting a precedent for a private enterprise, and it can be described as a great success.

QN202 is a successful innovation attempt by a Chinese company, adding to the field of R&D and manufacturing of China's micro-missiles. Following the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation's 63.5 cm "Rainbow" miniature precision attack missile, China's miniature missile has opened a new chapter, adding QN202, a new force from private enterprises.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

2. With a small body and great power, are micro missiles really useful?

The miniature missiles have shrunk in size, will their functions also be weakened, and can't they be used in modern battlefields? The answer is of course no.
Another big idea of QN202 is the use of gun-type launchers. In the past, miniature missiles such as "Rainbow" were mainly used on drones and were not considered for individual combat. The QN202 is light and portable, and the matched gun-type launcher makes it possible for individual soldiers to launch missiles in hand.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

This gun launcher weighs about 1.2 kg, while a single soldier backpack full of QN202 weighs 7.2 kg. The total weight of the entire device is only 8.4 kg, which is light and labor-saving, and easy to carry.
The gun launcher of the QN202 is similar to an ordinary military assault rifle and has an aiming display similar to a gun sight. The display can display the images transmitted by the missile seeker, and is also equipped with a fore grip, a target indication system, and a retractable support.
On the actual battlefield, soldiers can use the transmitter to launch QN202 by operating the controller with their left hand. The familiar design reduces the difficulty of operating this new miniature self-seeking missile system for individual soldiers in actual combat in a sense, and enables soldiers to use new weapons more quickly.

Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

Of course, QN202 is not only used for individual combat, it can also be carried on the popular UAV for military strikes. Take the WS30 micro drone independently developed by AutoNavi Infrared as an example. In order to cooperate with the QN202 micro missile, it is equipped with a special barrel device. This drone alone can carry four QN202 micro missiles into it. Enemy line.
The application of miniature drones and miniature self-seeking missiles may be the embodiment of the technological charm of the age of science and technology. It does not require the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army to take risks or snipers. When the QN202 micro missile is mounted on a UAV, it can use semi-active laser guidance to guide the enemy. Such a high-tech combination can replace individual soldiers to go deep into dangerous places, complete more arduous combat missions, and avoid unnecessary casualties.

At the Zhuhai Air Show, there was such a phrase "don't care after launch" in the introduction column of QN202. What does it mean? In fact, no matter after launch, it means that QN202 does not require special laser irradiation, and only needs to use the scope on the gun transmitter to complete one-key lock.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

As long as the operator completes the step of locking the target, there is no need to do any extra operations on the QN202 missile. Once the target is locked , QN202 can be launched automatically without any guidance. The QN202 has a range of 2 kilometers. As long as the enemy is within 2 kilometers, whether the enemy is light armor or a vivid target, the QN202 can effectively strike it.

And not to forget China drones and suicide drones

Delivery of Firedragons (range 300KM CEP 1m)


China tests precision strike capability of its advanced rocket launch system at high altitude

Chinese experts believe that the range of the rocket launch system was extended to 500 km, which would mean that the rocket launch system could hit any Indian military base along the Line of

and Chinese suicide drones by the hundreds of boxes🤔🤔🤔😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🏔️🐲 Get thousands and tens of thousands of Chinese FH-901 suicide drones.
Get a hundred boxes to start with

FH-901 carry 10 times the bang of Switchblade, much longer loitering time and can carry out swarming attacks.

That will make Murican Switchblade look like a switchblade brought to a machine gun fight.

Zelensky and rest of NATO gangsters will crawl 3 times around Red Square and beg forgiveness
Especially as after de nazification of Ukraine, Russia move to denazified NATO as well.

China unveils its own 'switchblade' suicide drone
China has launched its own switchblade cruise missile, what's so magical about the Feihong-901? [Time and frequency of strong national defense] Welcome to subscribe to leave a message. Powerful defense time and frequency, bringing you the latest, most unique and in-depth news information, committed to creating the hottest and most cutting-edge military news! Overview of global military information, inventory of the latest weapons at home and abroad China launches its own "Switchblade" suicide drone, what's so magical about the Feihong 901? ==

80k well equipped Chinese soldiers attacked 10k Indian soldiers in 1962 war. Regarding 1962,the IAF was not used in the Sino-Indian conflict where many military historians and retired officers claim that it could have altered the final outcome to a great extent. Indian government relied on inputs from the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The IB cautioned the government that the use of offensive air power could result in the PLAAF attacking Indian cities like Calcutta and also deny India the ‘moral high ground’ in case of a protracted conflict. No cognisance was taken of the fact that PLAAF aircraft could reach targets in India only if they operated from airfields in Tibet with the high altitudes imposing severe restrictions on their weapon-carrying capacity. On the other hand, IAF fighters would have had the advantage of operating with full weapon loads from airfields in the plains of Assam and Punjab.With over 22 combat squadrons and over 500 aircraft, the IAF’s mainstays in mid-1962 comprised the Hunter Mk-56 fighter-bomber aircraft, Gnat interceptor aircraft, French-built ground-attack aircraft such as Mystere and Toofani, Canberra bomber-reconnaissance jets, and the Vampire ground-attack jet. The PLA Air Force (PLAAF) was equipped with the MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-19 and medium-range IL-28 bombers.

Remember the bloody nose Chinese have received during the 1967 Sino-India conflict. After 5 years of this conflict, Sikkim was merged with India
If India goes to war with China we will see 500 Million Indians run into Pakistan and Bangladesh and the other 500 Million to Europe and the US.
Excuses didn't stop 1000 british troops from conquering all of India
oy oy oy, do not forget 10s of thousands of bengalis who screwed siraj daula to make it all possibe. credit should be given where credit is due. then others who helped release Punjab from the clutches of kana singh, or the Pukhtuns, GBians and afghans who guarded the empire against the ruskies.

China can't even handle a tiny Taiwan.

The only place we lack is Air power, we need to have higher number of Rafales to counter the J 20 threat.
it's like saying that all of arabia and persia could not handle little Israel.

Israel, Taiwan are protectorates of a neo-colonial empire, you are NOT, you are being given that illusion but don't you believe it.
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There is hardly any chance of a major conflict between China and India, in foreseeable future. India would not repeat the mistake of 1962.
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China is more than prepared to fight and win Murica
Murican Pelosi came and merked around in a country called Taiwan.
A country where it’s own Supreme King Xi can’t visit.

Xi rolled tanks within its own cities and wasted missiles by firing them in thin air.

Don’t waste forum space by posting useless stuff when facts can be brought out in few lines.
I got a brilliant war strategy that will allow India to win against China every time.

Day 1: Transport 200K troops to the front with only 1 days' worth of food. Order them to walk over the front line and surrender to China.
Day 2: Repeat
Day 3: Repeat
Day 4: Repeat
Day 5: Repeat
Day 6: Repeat
Day 7: China surrenders

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