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India Ups Firepower Along Borders with China with Modern Artillery Guns, Rocket Systems for Army

We will say what is true. Liberation of North Arnachal pradesh and Aksai Chin is on our agenda.
LOl, ok, good luck and our troops are having vacations there now

-Sir, why pla have withdrawn 26 miles into its own side of galwan while nearest indian base is 2 miles away?

Since, you have tagged me; I am responding. All, what you have narrated in your post, whether correct or otherwise, is trivial, and not of any significance. I am of the opinion that possibility of a major conflict, between China and India, is extremely remote, in foreseeable future; because there is no reason for that to happen. Minor conflicts, which are diplomatically manageable, may happen occasionally. China's only red line, in this respect, is some sort of very close defense collaboration between India and US-West, which may threaten China. Under the existing geopolitical alignments, that is not going to happen. So, it is all peace between China and India.
Galwan was most likely an aberration which wasn’t envisaged and planned for by both the countries. There may be shoring up of postures now to ease-off the nerves of some audiences.
Both the nations are on a path to prosperity. They wouldn’t like to diverge from that path.

Any major conflict would be devastating for both. They wouldn’t get into one.
Quad is not an military alliance

Current level of defense collaboration, whatever it is, is not conceived by China as a threat. In any case, currently, India is trying to maintain a balance between it's relations with US-West and China-Russia axis. That suits both India and China.
Murican Pelosi came and merked around in a country called Taiwan.
A country where it’s own Supreme King Xi can’t visit.

Xi rolled tanks within its own cities and wasted missiles by firing them in thin air.

Don’t waste forum space by posting useless stuff when facts can be brought out in few lines.


With the stuff that you know and write, no need to waste anymore time with you.

Enjoy your being where sun and moon not shine and cockroaches feasting on used toilet papers and who are well your intellectual superior
With the stuff that you know and write, no need to waste anymore time with you.
You could have done that by writing a small sentence.

The fact that you have spent quite some time searching for and posting gifs, shows that you don’t know what you want.

Same way you don’t know about Chinese might.
Not your fault. Emperor Xi controls what it’s subjects know or don’t. You only know, what has been fed to you.
Feel sorry for you. Pity even.

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