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India is supplying IED equipment to ISIS - Conflict Armament Research.

That's right,that's should be the case but this thread was opened to show that India supports IS.. that's why some one better change the title

When something happen in india and Pakistani items are found, indians do the same thing. Why double standards now?

Ya Chinese are sane People... LoL... stop being a cheerleader man

It was again Pakistani backed terrorism which caused the deaths of Kashmiris... it was the Pakistan action in 48 which destroyed basic lives of Kashmisis

I didn't say pakistani people as terrorist while you called Indians as terrorists.... go back and read what you wrote or have some sence before writing stuff

And yet Kashmiris are fighting indian occupation.
Inter Services Intelligence Service :whistle: :enjoy:

OFFENDED??? Didn't know I was going to strike a nerve....truth hurts, right? After TTP, your new proxy is ISIS.

Very well, we'll deal with those monsters as well, even more harshly, than the way we dealt with TTP.
You are doing great injustice to Turkish members here on this forum, by equating a sovereign nation like Turkey with a vile terrorist group like ISIS

Understandable that some Pakistanis have immense acrimony for Turkey being a secular state and Turks here raising their voice against Xinjiang oppression coupled with good sympathy for ISIS.

But this hitting Turks below the belt. Truly disgusting.

The report clearly states:

Given the cognitive inertia, it may difficult to comprehend but please make an effort to understand:



You have achieved the rare feat of being adequate to an pedestrian opening post at the same time intellectually surpassing the content by a mile.

Pakistani propaganda is so low quality that replying with quality is indeed a feat. Congratulations.
It doesn't means these things have been supplied officially. Entities in Gulf / Middle East would have imported them from India for local use and somehow ended in militants hands. One should ask that how the TOW missile systems ended in the hands of the so called moderate opposition in Syria.

But i believe the govt of India now should investigate and try to find which entities imported them from India and place them in banned organizations list.

We faced similar dilemma when material manufactured for agri sector in Pakistan was ending up in Afghanistan being used in IEDs and our forces & people getting blown up by same material. Then we also found some Indian origin material in Karachi used in explosives, which off course would have come illegally.

I wonder why did CAR not mention the TOW missiles getting into hands of terrorists, one should wonder.

Dear Indian members,

We can see your embarrassment. You and your companies have supported terrorism and the proof is for all to see. Shame on you!

As far, China and Turkey, well you are responsible for your black deeds and they are for theirs. If they are involved it doesn't lessen your crimes against humanity. So please justify your actions rather crimes which have resulted in loss of thousands of innocent lives. Do not try to deflect the debate. It's not helping you.

We can also see that you forgot to read the post above. Anyways cannot change people who want to believe what they want to believe.
why the hell is this a featured article when everyone can see its not a weak piece of propaganda?
OFFENDED??? Didn't know I was going to strike a nerve....truth hurts, right? After TTP, your new proxy is ISIS.

Very well, we'll deal with those monsters as well, even more harshly, than the way we dealt with TTP.

Why would I take a offence when we don't have a agency like ISI :lol:
I would take offence if their name would be RAWS :D
Impeccable. Source is Conflicts and Armament Research. This study was conducted for the European Union.
Horus, i wanted to come forward with those pics too of the materials we recovered from Tangos, but then brushed away the idea thinking it may have reprucsions for our the team involved ......
You see no difference in automobiles and explosive detonators? More than shady trade you guys are involved in, it's the attitude of irresponsibility which is of concern. You guys are not willing to show responsibility for arms and explosives being produced in your country and exported. This is very dangerous for world which is already struggling to choke terrorism.
Whatever floats your boat DUDE!!:drag:

nerve....truth hurts, right? After TTP, your new proxy is ISIS.
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Guys, he caught us...He known everything...
Call Obama and Modi and tell them "Time to shut it down ."
Just for Information and full clarification,out the mentioned companies I do know 4 of them personally from over last 15 years.. They were literally my babies bcz when I was working in a bank I had done their credit assessment and gave them the advances..

I know most of their customer base and their chain of products and sourcing of raw materials..

Based on that information, I can assure you they do not supply to any conflict zone directly at all.. If they do their funding would get crystallize owing to the fact that their product export or even supply to any Indian company who in turn exports abroad is under strict supervision..

Most people try to badmouth these companies simply bcz in last decade they have effectively became the sole biggest supplier to Indian Missile needs and any emerging new platform has these companies as one of the prime supplier.. Their research and thorough professional approach has helped improve so many new types of fuel tech that in coming times, with matching metallurgy advancements we will see almost Sub 12m missiles with weight of approx 12-15 tonnes able to reach almost 5000km with warhead size of 1000kg.. Thats their true nature of contribution in Indian Missile regime..

Whatever has been found on conflict zone, I can personally assure (inspite of they not being my portfolio client directly now as I am no more in a bank ) that these products have ended up being resupplied via a customer or via a customer of their customer.. Implying not directly under control or intent of these companies..

Of course, I am thankful to @Horus and I will surely inform the company to investigate how such a thing occurred. Not only such customers should be blacklisted from their books but also efforts should be made to penalise them by reporting the same to the government of India..

I am sure their bankers would soon receive a detail note describing how their products ended up in a Conflict zone and what steps they have taken to avoid such a situation again in future...

I am sure a report to MOD will also go as this is necessary protocol for them..

Bear it in mind, GOI will never support any Indian Company to supply in conflict zone any arms, ammunition and explosives.. Any such supply by an Indian company will get them banned from Indian defense contracts..

And most importantly such meagre number of products don't give them profitability versus the prestige and benefits they enjoy for GOI contracts and contribution to DRDO projects.. So it's beyond doubt in my mind that these Companies are not directly responsible..

I again reiterate any supplier to ISIS who had misled and fooled these companies must be booked and blacklisted with legal recourse under our laws.. We cannot allow such things like proliferation of explosives to such conflict zones..

Apologies for a long post
Whatever floats your boat DUDE!!:drag:

@Stag112 @SamantK @Hulk @Abingdonboy @PARIKRAMA @MilSpec @Manindra @Brahmaputra Mail
Guys, he caught us...He known everything...
Call Obama and Modi and tell them "Time to shut it down ."

No need to act so sensitive and sarcastic.......calm down.....Obama is using ISIS against Assad and India is dreaming to cash on the opportunity to use it against Pakistan.

Pakistan is no SYRIA. ISIS will be not allowed to grow in Afghanistan so that it can create trouble for Pakistan. Everyone sitting in Delhi should know that. There is a reason India is not included in quadrilateral peace led by Pakistan, China, US and Afghanistan only. Everyone knows who is using Afghan's soil against Pakistan.

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