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India is supplying IED equipment to ISIS - Conflict Armament Research.


May 3, 2009
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Conflict Armament Research issues damming report of India's Govt sanctioned companies supplying IED equipment to ISIS #HowIndiaSupportsISIS


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Ladies & gentleman , from the site that brought you 26/11 was done by RAW , we present you RAW ISIS .
Impeccable. Source is Conflicts and Armament Research. This study was conducted for the European Union.

How would that Link India Officially???? Chinese mad pad where Used by ISIS to Bring down the Jets.. So lets say Chinses is using ISIS!!!??
Yes... RAW Provided them with Weapons and put Indian Stickers on them... All Hail RAW

It doesn't means these things have been supplied officially. Entities in Gulf / Middle East would have imported them from India for local use and somehow ended in militants hands. One should ask that how the TOW missile systems ended in the hands of the so called moderate opposition in Syria.

But i believe the govt of India now should investigate and try to find which entities imported them from India and place them in banned organizations list.

We faced similar dilemma when material manufactured for agri sector in Pakistan was ending up in Afghanistan being used in IEDs and our forces & people getting blown up by same material. Then we also found some Indian origin material in Karachi used in explosives, which off course would have come illegally.

I wonder why did CAR not mention the TOW missiles getting into hands of terrorists, one should wonder.
Dear Indian members,

We can see your embarrassment. You and your companies have supported terrorism and the proof is for all to see. Shame on you!

As far, China and Turkey, well you are responsible for your black deeds and they are for theirs. If they are involved it doesn't lessen your crimes against humanity. So please justify your actions rather crimes which have resulted in loss of thousands of innocent lives. Do not try to deflect the debate. It's not helping you.

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