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  • Did you change your user id? What was your previous id? I am asking because you are a member with 8000+ posts but I don't remember to see you here before this week.
    its me seiko yaar!!
    its my real pic da ... serious..

    yup in dufaiiiiiiiiiii now.. 2 weeks aai.
    Hey, am fine, what abt you. it seems you have been inactive for a long time, i thought you got your ID changed and posting through new name. So where have you been ?? Busy ?? Hope all is well on your side. And yeah senior mod, what else is left to be done :)

    Take care.
    Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    nintey kundikku adikunna foto njan ayachu koduthu..

    daii ethayalum korachu koodi aa threadill chorinjechu pokaam indian forcesiney abhinandikku.. namukku nokkam ini endu sambhavikkum ennu..
    ethylum nannayi"levan' athu kelkendavan thannae.. ethandu LKG padikunna buthy ullello ivanmaarkku..
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