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How modern the Turkish Armed Forces ( Modern or Not )

KEMENT PROJECT ( Network Enabled Weapon ) ... only a few countries in the world

The Kement project will boost the attack power, survival and flexibility of the cruise missiles with a data network that enables images to be transferred from a single target to multiple targets in air to air and air to ground

This will allow the SOM Cruise Missile to alter a target in flight and acquire a new one with its low altitude flight capability and small radar signature

It will add Midcourse guidance and two way communication capability for missiles


SOM air launched Cruise Missile

-- range : 280 km
-- warhead : 230 kg
-- precision strike capability against both land or sea targets
-- Terrain hugging and Sea skimming
-- Low observable
-- Highly survivable
-- High precision navigation with INS/GPS/TRN/IBN/ATR
-- Highly precise terminal guidance with IIR and data fusion
-- Target of opportunity capability
-- In-flight retargeting capability
-- Network enabled capability
-- Universal armament interface compatibility

Turkiye produce more 415+80 SOM Cruise Missiles
Military Satellites for the Turkish Armed Forces

GOKTURK-1 high resolution earth observation Satellite (greater than 50 cm)

Launched in 2016

GOKTURK-2 National Reconnaissance and Surveillance Satellite

Launched in 2012

Near Infrared (NIR) Satellite Camera named KUZGUN, domestically developed by TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, with a 20m SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) resolution

IMECE Earth Observation Satellite

The IMECE Satellite, to be designed and manufactured entirely by Turkish technicians and engineers and sent into space in 2023
will be inserted into a Sun-Synchronous orbit at an altitude of 680km and will collect Panchromatic images at a 90cm resolution and full color images at a 3.6-meter resolution

The high-resolution EO Satellite Camera, which is currently being developed by TUBITAK Space Optical Systems Research Laboratory (OPMER)


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