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When I became a gun owner, I joined an indian gun forum, One very helpful member there educated me about the 7.62 x 25 round and the dazzling muzzle flash it brings. I was wondering how does it shoot, I have shot only the 9mm, .40 and .45, what would be the closest comparable caliber characteristics you would rate it too. Recently I made a choice only to own 9mils, to ensure I dont have too many calibers in the cabinet, Hence I am trying to stay away from russian mil surp psitol cartridges but then the price of surplus firearms are like super magnets.

I have been super fascinated by the gunsmiths of pakistan. I really really hope their trade craft survives the tough times imposed by gun regulations. Pakistani filmmakers should try and make documentaries on this subject.

Actually it has now become a formal industry:
Pakistan Hunting and Sporting Arms Development Company promotes "Hunting & Sporting Arms and accessories" (Exhibitors TV @ IDEAS Pakistan 2012) - Video Dailymotion
Anybody ever tried a Ruger 9mm p95?

How much it costs in Pakistan ?
Anybody ever tried a Ruger 9mm p95?

How much it costs in Pakistan ?

I have tried it here in US, it's' a decent reliable economic pistol, did not like the serrated grips, but other than that, it shoots true, good bang for the buck.
I have tried it here in US, it's' a decent reliable economic pistol, did not like the serrated grips, but other than that, it shoots true, good bang for the buck.

It has the perfect grip for me. Fits nicely in a pocket.
It has the perfect grip for me. Fits nicely in a pocket.

I hope by pocket, you meant pocket of a holster. Anyways if you do own it or plan to own it, do go ahead and post a review of it.
Literally in pant pockets.

Glock is just too big.

As I said, it's a well priced handgun, be safe if you do intend to carry it in pocket, a ccw holster like the following might come in handy

I too am not a big fan of glock.
I neither open carry nor conceal carry my pistols, brown guy with a gun is scary in this country, hence size has never been an option, my handguns include, TZ 75, S&W sigma 9mm, Taurus PT 92...
I have tried it here in US, it's' a decent reliable economic pistol, did not like the serrated grips, but other than that, it shoots true, good bang for the buck.

how are you as a foreigner affected by some gun control since 911 on nonWhites?
of course you have to show that you are not Muslim but still at firing range dont you get apprehensive looks by Freedom loving Americans?
how are you as a foreigner affected by some gun control since 911 on nonWhites?
of course you have to show that you are not Muslim but still at firing range dont you get apprehensive looks by Freedom loving Americans?

Irfan sir,

I dont think there are any gun control laws specifically directed towards non whits, If you dont have a criminal record, you can own a firearm!

I'm in california, and people are cool over here. Gun enthusiasts here are afraid of hippies than the brown guy with the AK. Most of the times i get mistaken for hispanic due to my short hair and do I tend to talk to shooters around me at the range if i get some suspicious looks, and at the range the guns are a uniting factor.

As far as carrying one on person and coming across a cop, i would never endanger myself with that situation. Brown guy with a firearm, at least i can expect a trip downtown or worst my wife would expect a fat check from the life insurance.

as far as gun control is concerned, I dont really care about the restriction because I am from india where there are no guns.

I am not too big on assault rifles, and dont really care if they do ban it. i like long range shooting and hunting, most of the firearms that I wanted to own, i already do, hence i dont sweat the gun control stuff. As far as second ammendment is concerned, i dont subscribe to fear of tyrannical govt, and especially using arms to protect oneself from the government. I dont subscribe to aliens, zombies, SHTF, wrol, mass terror or EMP stuff, I am a recreational shooter, but I do support the NRA and believe that access to firearms should not be forbidden, instead there should be better implementation of the laws in the book.
Time to revive this thread:

Keltec PMR 30:

Very interesting little gun, but then again, most things made by keltec are either quirky or interesting. This pistol is chambered in .22 magnum and has a hybrid blowback locked bolt mixed kind of action. Now most people are skeptical of the 9mm, wouldn't let .22 magnum ever stand a chance to down a human size target in one shot. Now thats where the PMR 30 shines, this pistol chambers 30 ROUNDS! hence even if your target doesn't drop by a tiny .22 wound, you still have 29 more almost recoil-less followup round to put down your target.


Daewoo K5

K5 is a compact, lightweight pistol with an unconventional trigger mechanism called "fast action". The frame is composed of an aluminum alloy with a matte finish, while the slide is of blued steel.
The "fast action" trigger mechanism allows the hammer to be decocked while still keeping the mainspring compressed. A light pull on the trigger causes the hammer to flick back, after which the pistol would behave in conventional single-action (SA) mode.


Viper JAWS pistol

The Viper JAWS is a solid and well made pistol with several interesting features, such as simple and robust design and modular construction. VIPER pistol can be easily reconfigured for several pistol calibers simply by replacing the barrel, breech face insert, the extractor and the magazine. This reconfiguration, as well as a standard field-stripping procedure, requires no tools. Grip panels also can be easily replaced with another unit with different shape or dimensions. Viper is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol with rotating barrel. On recoil, barrel rotates to unlock from the slide, by following the curved track on the frame. The double action trigger with its linkage is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning via removable side plate, inserted into the cut cat the right side of the frame from the top. The ambidextrous safety lever is located on both sides of the slide and also acts as a decocker when safety is engaged. Both front and rear sight are dovetailed into the slide and can be easily changed if required.


Caracal - UAE

Before being put into production the Caracal pistol was evaluated through independent tests. These tests were carried out by the Federal German Armed Forces Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition (WTD 91) in Meppen, Germany which included metallurgic and composite analysis, functional fitness-for-purpose and quality evaluation, endurance firing, environmental exposure, safety and accuracy tests. A certificate was issued by the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition (WTD 91) in May 2006 after the pistol successfully complied with the NATO D14 standard, the German Federal Police Standard and the German Federal Armed Forces Technical Purchasing requirements. These tests are the most stringent test protocols ever devised for a service firearm



Some of the newest entries into the handgun market. This handgun is available in both 9 mm and 5.8 mm versions. It is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol.

It uses a rotating barrel to lock and unlock the slide on recoil. It's frame is made out of polymer. Trigger mechanism is double action, with the external hammer and safety lever mounted on both sides of the frame.

Dual stack magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition in either caliber. Front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flashlights. Fixed sights have luminous inserts for low light conditions.

This is the standard sidearm of the PLA and the Bangladesh Army, mainly replacing the Type-54 (copy of Soviet TT-33).
Steyr M1 and M1A


The Steyr M series pistols were first announced in 1999. Steyr M pistols, along with compact version, Steyr S, which were made in Austria by the Steyr-Mannlicher GmbH & Co, are not made any more. Since the January 1st, 2004, the Steyr M and Steyr S pistols have been replaced in production by the slightly redesigned Steyr M-1A pistols. Steyr M1-A pistols feature redesigned grip and frame shape, and Picatinny rail (instead of the proprietary rail) under the barrel. Another change from original M series pistols is that M-1A pistols are now available in two variants, with or without manual safety. There are probably some more minor differences.

The Steyr M and M-1A pistols have probably the most ergonomic grip since the Luger's "Parabellum" pistol. The ideal 111 degrees grip angle, combined with low barrel axis, results in minimum muzzle jump and felt recoil, as well as in good "pointability". The unusual "trapezoid" sights, while uncommon in shape, provide good accuracy and acquisition speed, once shooter gets used to it.

Type: Double Action
Chamber: .40 S&W, 9x19mm Para, .357 SIG

Taurus 24/7


First Taurus 24/7 pistols were presented in 2004, in attempt to offer a new, lightweight and potent pistol for police, security and civilian users. These pistols were available in a variety of "major" calibers, and in a number of finish options. early pistols were Double Action Only but recently Taurus also introduced a conventional Double / Single action 24/7 pistols.

Taurus 24/7 pistols are short recoil operated, locked breech pistols that use modified Browning-type locking, with single lug on the barrel engaging the ejection port in the slide. Frames of Taurus 24/7 pistols are made from impact-resistant polymer; slides can be made from carbon or stainless steel. Trigger is either double / single action or double action only, striker-fired, with internal firing pin block safety and manual safety, located on the left side of the frame. Magazines are double stack. Sights are fixed. front part of the frame, below the barrel, is shaped to form an integral Picatinny-type accessory rail.

Beretta PX4 Storm


The PX4 Storm pistol is the latest addition to Beretta's line of semiautomatic pistols. The PX4 is designed using most modern concepts in combat handguns, such as maximum flexibility, most modern polymer materials, and most popular calibers. Available in the USA since late 2004, this pistol is an obvious attempt of the famous Italian company to regain its position on the US market. We yet shall see, if this attempt will succeed.

Technically, the PX4 pistol is a further development of the Beretta 8000 Cougar series pistols. PX4 pistol uses same recoil operated, locked breech system with rotating barrel. Much like the Cougar, the PX4 has a special frame insert with top- projecting stud, which causes the barrel to rotate on recoil to unlock from the slide. This insert is mounted on the recoil spring guide rod, and is spring-buffered to reduce peak recoil, which is transferred from barrel to frame. The frame is made from high strength polymer, with dual disassembly buttons, located on both sides of the frame, ahead of the trigger guard. To remove the slide and barrel, one must unload the pistol, then push both buttons inward and then pull the slide forward and off the frame. The slide stop levers are situated on both sides of the frame and are ergonomically shaped. Modular trigger system of PX4 Storm pistol is available in four basic models: Type F - conventional double action with manual safety/decocker; Type D - double action only, less safety or decocker, with spurless hammer; Type G - conventional double action with manual decocker and no safety; and Type C - with so called "constant action" and spurless hammer (sort of DAO system with less trigger pull weight). In the F and D modifications, safety / decocker levers are located on both sides of the slide. The grip of the PX4 has removable backstraps; each gun is supplied with three backstraps of different sizes, so the actual grip can be adapted to most shooters. The frame also features a standard Picatinny-type accessory rail as a standard. Magazine capacity is 17 rounds of 9mm ammo or 14 rounds of .40SW ammo. With optional extended capacity magazine baseplates (also available from Beretta), capacity is increased to impressive 20 rounds of 9mm or 17 rounds of .40SW.

don't know its appropriate to post it here or not................:ashamed:
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