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lol why i never saw this thread before, i suddenly feel alone because it seems like i'm the only one here that has no sidearm.
Is Keltec PMR30 or FN Five Seven available for sale in Pakistan?
If available, please recommend a dealer, thank you!
Sig p365:
My choice for carry pistol ( I carry with a 12 + 1)


The one in the image is with True precision match grade barrel(pardon the color coating on it :-) ) gives it extra oomph (accuracy and muzzle velocity as it add 3/4 inch to the barrel).

Adding this barrel does not compromise concealability.

If anyone had a chance to shoot it's nearest comparison (Springfield hellcat). I had a chance to shoot and it was not as pleasant as this little wonder. This is a very accurate gun and considering it's size, it is very soft shooting gun.

Anything late 2019 onward have all the kinks worked out on it so really for people who can buy it, i highly recommend.

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