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NEW Walther PD380 Hammer-Fired DA/SA Pistol


Apr 28, 2011
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NEW Walther PD380 Hammer-Fired DA/SA Pistol​

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Walther Arms have added another semi-auto pistol to their catalog of defensive products. The new Walther PD380 is a polymer-framed hammer-fired pistol chambered in .380 Auto with a DA/SA (double-action/singe-action) trigger and slide-mounted manual safety/decocker. The pistol is marketed as a concealed carry handgun that embodies the perfect fusion of power and ease of use. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the new Walther PD380 pistol.

Walther PD380 (5)

Boasting minimal recoil and an effortless-to-rack slide, even those new to shooting can confidently handle the PD380 without any compromises… With every shot the Walther PD380 will become your new favorite EDC option granting you an experience free from concerns of managing high-recoil, and ensuring each moment on the range or in the field is an absolute pleasure. The Walther PD380 is your ideal companion for everyday carry.
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Walther PD380 is a locked breech pistol with a short barrel recoil action and tilting barrel lockup. The pistol has a 3.7″ barrel with a 1:10″ twist rate. The steel slide features Walther SuperTerrain front and rear serrations. The sides and rear strap of the grip feature Walther’s Performance Duty Grip texture. The manual safety and the paddle magazine release lever are ambidextrous. There is no separate decocker position on the safety and engaging the safety does not automatically drop the hammer, instead, the way the decocker functions on this pistol is when the safety is engaged, you can pull the trigger and the hammer will drop safely, without hitting the firing pin. The pistol also has two internal automatic safeties. The trigger pull weight is 10 lbs and 5.6 lbs in double-action and single-action modes respectively. The capacity of the single stack magazine is 9 rounds and the gun comes with two magazines. The overall length of this pistol is 6.49″ and it weighs 20.6 oz.

The MSRP of the Walther PD380 pistol is $449.
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Pictures by Walther Arms, www.waltherarms.com

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