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Glock expands catalog with new G49 MOS pistol


Apr 28, 2011
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Glock expands catalog with new G49 MOS pistol​

Defense News November 2023 Global Security army industryPOSTED ON WEDNESDAY, 22 NOVEMBER 2023 15:42

On 8 November 2023, the Glock G49 MOS was introduced as a new addition to the Austrian brand's lineup. This announcement, made by TALO Distributors, and its member distributors, marks a significant evolution in Glock's range of crossover models, reminiscent of the success of the Glock G45.

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Glock G49 MOS chambered in 9mm Luger (Picture source: Talo)

Glock is a renowned Austrian company, founded in 1963 by Gaston Glock. Initially specializing in the manufacture of steel and polymer parts, Glock made a major breakthrough in the 1980s when it designed the Glock 17, its first semi-automatic pistol. This pistol, revolutionary for its extensive use of polymers to reduce weight, quickly gained popularity and was adopted by the Austrian army in 1982.

Since then, Glock has become a global leader in the manufacture of handguns, recognized for their reliability, durability, and innovative design. Glock pistols are widely used by law enforcement, the military, as well as by sports shooters and civilians around the world.

The Glock G49 MOS merges the features of two proven models of the brand: it combines the G19 size grip, known for its maneuverability and comfort, with the longer barrel and slide of the G17. According to the manufacturer, this design offers a perfect balance between ease of carrying and shooting performance, featuring a 4.49-inch (11.4 cm) barrel length and an extended sight radius.

Chambered in 9mm Luger, the G49 MOS comes with a standard magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds, while also offering a 10+1 option for those seeking a more compact model. It incorporates the features of Glock's fifth generation, known for its reliability and improved ergonomics. One of the highlights of this model is the integration of Glock's MOS (Modular Optic System), which allows users to easily mount various types of optics, thus increasing the weapon's versatility and precision.


Two variants of this model are available on the market, identifiable by their item numbers and UPC codes: PA495S203MOS (UPC 764503058424, 15 rounds) and PA495S201MOS (UPC 764503058400, 10 rounds). Available from November 2023, these models demonstrate Glock's ongoing commitment to innovate in the design of its firearms, meeting the needs of defense professionals and firearms enthusiasts.

Look like a remastered version of G19.

Wish they would allow more customisation so you can switch in longslide, I love longslide pistol.
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