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FB Radom Introduces New Pistol – the MPS


Apr 28, 2011
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FB Radom Introduces New Pistol – the MPS​

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The new MPS on display at MSPO 2023 (Fabryki Broni Radom/Comcam.pl)

In September, at the 2023 MSPO defense exhibition in Poland, FB Radom unveiled their newest pistol – the MPS. The MPS is a striker-fired, polymer-framed 9x19mm pistol. It has a removable fire control unit which can be removed from the weapon’s frame. This allows the user to select the frame that suits their requirements, the grip can also be adapted with three different sizes of grip panels. The pistol is double-action only and reportedly weighs 600g or 21oz unloaded.

FB Radom Introduces New Pistol - the MPS
The new MPS unveiled at MSPO 2023 (Fabryki Broni Radom/Comcam.pl)

The MPS expands FB Radom’s pistol range joining the steel-framed VIS 100 which was introduced in 2019. The initial version of the MPS will have a 4-inch barrel but FB Radom are also offering a suppressor-ready version with a threaded barrel and suppressor height sights.


The new MPS on display at MSPO 2023 (Fabryki Broni Radom/Comcam.pl)

The slide itself is cut ready to mount a red dot sight as standard. FB Radom are offering five different red dot mounting plates for the pistol, catering to various red dot manufacturers. The pistol’s controls are ambidextrous and have a 15-round magazine capacity as standard.

FB Radom released a teaser video for the new pistol:

The MPS slide is available in a range of finishes with a plethora of different colors displayed as MSPO 2023 including black, flat dark earth and OD green. The MPS is not yet listed on FB Radom’s site but the company reportedly plans to produce an initial batch of 200 pistols by the end of 2023 with production increasing next year. Janes reports that the pistol will be offered in different frame sizes in the future and a single-action variant may be explored.
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