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Mar 21, 2007
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Chinese researchers to reach Gwadar for green initiative

February 28, 2023

ISLAMABAD: A group of seven Chinese researchers and botanists led by Professor Wang Sen will arrive at Gwadar Port in March for Green Gwadar Initiative, .

According to Gwadar Pro, their visit aims to make further progress on plant growth and sustainability by ensuring plants’ resilience against unsuitable and harsh climates through the modern technology of tissue culture and genetic engineering.

They will work at the Tissue Culture Lab and Green Center in Gwadar Free Zone which has been jointly established by China Overseas Ports Holding Company and Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China.

The prime focus of the laboratory is to conduct research and subsequently produce plants that are conducive to the arid environment of Gwadar.

In collaboration with China, the tissue club has significantly contributed to the preservation of Gwadar’s natural environment by planting 150,000 plants and converting the previously reclaimed area of Gwadar port and free zone into green land.

The previous team of researchers has conducted significant research using non-conventional methods such as tissue culture and genetic engineering to yield new varieties of bananas and jujube plants.

A systematic experimentation has been conducted on the arid non-wood forest.

The team of researchers visiting Gwadar in March will continue the momentum to discover new avenues of research on plants in Gwadar and nearby regions.

The findings will be eventually shared with the local community to help them grow commercial crops and attain self-sufficiency.

PCI launches report on Development Prospects of Chinese Enterprises in Green Energy Industry in Pakistan​

March 1, 2023

Pakistan-China Institute, in collaboration with All Pakistan Chinese Enterprises Association (APCEA) and Power Construction Corporation of China launched a groundbreaking report titled “Development Prospects of Chinese Enterprises In Green Energy Industry in Pakistan”. The launch event of the report was attended by a diverse audience, including representatives from universities, think tanks, Chinese enterprises, and policymakers. The event provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss the findings of the report and explore opportunities for further collaboration between Pakistan and China.

The report and its launch event highlight the growing importance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the need for Chinese enterprises to navigate the complex business environment in Pakistan. The “Development Prospects of Chinese Enterprises in Green Energy Industry in Pakistan” report is a beacon of hope for the future of sustainable energy in Pakistan.

The report provides a holistic analysis of the country’s green energy sector, illuminating the potential for Chinese investors to contribute to Pakistan’s wind, solar, and hydroelectric power projects. From policy and regulation to market demand and financing options, this report serves as a comprehensive guide for Chinese companies seeking to invest in Pakistan’s burgeoning green energy industry.

With this report in hand, investors can confidently navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for Pakistan.

Mustafa Hyder Sayed, Executive Director of Pakistan-China Institute in his welcome remarks said that the launch of the report signifies a major step towards sustainable development and resource efficiency in the bilateral economic cooperation between China and Pakistan.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of Chinese investment in Pakistan and the potential for future growth, with a particular focus on green energy projects. It highlights the opportunities and challenges that Chinese enterprises face in Pakistan’s investment landscape and serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, business communities, and scholars seeking to promote sustainable economic growth. By leveraging green energy and resource efficiency, China and Pakistan can strengthen their partnership and drive economic development that benefits both nations in the long term.

In his keynote speech, Yang Jiandou, Chairman APCEA, said that as a leading investor in Pakistan, Chinese enterprises have an important role to play in driving sustainable development and promoting a green economy. Through our advanced technology and expertise in renewable energy, we are helping Pakistan transition towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Our investment in renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind power, is not only reducing Pakistan’s carbon footprint but also creating job opportunities and improving energy security. Our commitment to green energy is driven by a strong belief in the need to protect the planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

For us, this is not just a business opportunity but a responsibility that we must take on. We recognize that our actions have a far-reaching impact, and we are committed to using our resources to make a positive difference in the world.

The launch of the report was praised by Dr. Hasan Sher, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Swat, as a significant step towards promoting sustainable development in Pakistan. Dr. Sher appreciated the report’s insights into the policy and regulatory framework, market demand, and financing options available for Chinese investors in Pakistan’s green energy industry. As an esteemed academic,

Dr. Sher recognized the value of comprehensive analysis in guiding decision-making processes and believed that the report is a valuable resource for policymakers, scholars, and business communities seeking to promote sustainable economic growth in Pakistan.

Green development pivotal to CPEC projects​

Chinese companies in Pakistan have been following international standards on safety and environmental protection

March 02, 2023


ISLAMABAD: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been playing a pivotal role in promoting green development in Pakistan, highlighting China’s commitment to the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature, Pakistani officials and experts said.

Talking to Xinhua, Convener of the National Parliamentary Task Force on SDG, Romina Khurshid Alam said, “The cooperation between Pakistan and China under CPEC in the fields of energy, transport, agriculture and industrial production has helped Pakistan boost green, low-carbon sustainable development.”

Apart from assisting Pakistan in overcoming its energy crisis and upgrading infrastructure through CPEC, Chinese companies in Pakistan have been strictly following international and local standards on safety and environmental protection, Alam said.

“In implementing infrastructure projects, ecological factors have been fully considered and a number of green and clean energy projects including solar, wind and hydropower have been completed,” said the official..
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