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CPEC updates at Gwadar

Clean drinking water plants to the people of Gwadar will be inaugurated soon.


31 containers carrying cold storage material reached Gwadar Port​

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro
Jun 8, 2023

GWADAR, Jun.8, (Gwadar Pro)- 31 shipping containers carrying construction materials for the cold storage of pharmaceutical raw materials arrived directly from China to Gwadar Free Zone on Tuesday, Hangeng Trading Company .
The company’s CEO, Andy Liao, said, "The material will be used for the construction of cold storage units at Hangeng Agriculture Park."

31 containers carrying cold storage material reached Gwadar Port

31 Containers arrived on Gwadar port, 6th June,2023

"This is our second shipment this year importing goods from China, the first shipment carrying steel structure material arrived in early January 2023 and the third batch of goods is coming next week," he said.

In May, the installation of the steel structure workshop at HanGeng Agricultural Industrial Park was completed, while the equipment installation started in June of this month.

The company confirmed that 95% of factory work is almost complete, while the rest of the construction, including cold storage and machinery deployment, remains. The factory is expected to be ready by August 2023."

Liao was thankful to the Pakistani government for its support. “Our establishment of an agricultural industrial park is also in line with Pakistan's national conditions.” he stated.

He was hopeful that the development of Gwadar will make the region more stable, improve people's livelihoods in Pakistan, and make the economy prosperous.

31 containers carrying cold storage material reached Gwadar Port

he cold storage material will be used for the storage of pharmaceutical material for export

According to the company’s trading manager, Abdul Razzaq, "The pharmaceutical company has hired 15-20 official staff and 90–100 factory workers. The company's policy is to employ only the local people of Gwadar. The employment number will reach 300 direct and 1000 indirect jobs once the factory starts manufacturing."

Federal Budget 2023-24: Rs. 5 billion earmarked for New Gwadar International Airport​

By Yasir Habib Khan
Jun 10, 2023

GWADAR- Pakistan’s new Federal budget 2023-24 has allocated about Rs. 5 billion in the total cost of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA). With the allocation, NGIA’s total cost will be increased from Rs. 55.4 billion to Rs 60.208 billion.

Ministry of planning has already approved the Rs. 5 billion in the meeting of Central Development Working Committee (CDWP), high-powered government decision-making body, on June 02 in Islamabad.

The government had originally sanctioned the project’s construction at a cost of PKR 7.5 billion in 2010. The first revision of PKR 22.5 billion was approved in 2015.

Second revision occurred with revised PC-I at a cost to Rs 51.298 billion in December 2021. Later Rs 55.4 billion was greenlighted October 12, 2020.

The NGIA will play a pivotal role in establishing Gwadar's strategic importance, meeting the forecasted increase in aviation activity, and supporting the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

In relation to the New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) project, the Planning Minister emphasized the importance of providing ample job opportunities to the local population of Gwadar. Furthermore, he emphasized that special attention should be given to prioritizing and expediting the completion of critical components of the Gwadar Airport project.

Drinking water problem solved in Gwadar with dam pipeline, GDA​

Staff Reporter
Jun 14, 2023

The water scarcity problem for the residents of Gwadar city has been successfully solved with the completion of 158 km long pipeline constructed to convey water from Shadi Kaur and Swad Dams.

On Tuesday (June 13), Director General Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) Mujibur Rehman Qambrani said in a statement on social networking website Twitter that GDA has successfully completed one of the most challenging water projects in Gwadar Town. Completed by He said that GDA has also laid a new 141 km water distribution pipeline to ensure access of drinking water to every household in the city. New connections are being provided to houses. Abundant water is available; More than the daily demand.

GDA has constructed four underground storage tanks with a collective capacity of 10 million gallons of water in different parts of Gwadar city. Despite the scale of the project, the water pipeline projects were completed quickly thanks to the diligent supervision of all relevant government authorities. Water supply is now continuously reaching all residents of the city, a development that has been warmly welcomed by the residents of Gwadar.
Gwadar's 1.2 MGD water plant completed

By Yasir Habib Khan
Jul 2, 2023

In order to provide clean water to residents of Gwadar, 1.2 MGD seawater desalination plant has finally been completed as per schedule on June 30. Formal inauguration is all set to be executed by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif during his likely visit to Gwadar after Eid Holidays.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) project director Dawood Baloch said water desalination plant has been done and dusted with a grant of Rs. 2 billion from China in collaboration with Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), National Engineering Services Pakistan and China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC).

Along with completion of Civil, mechanical and electrical work, Central room of 1.2 MGD desalination water plant is now up and running, he informed.

Almost 90 percent manpower and human resource, he said, have been hired from local market of Gwadar and Balochistan.

On a query, he said that all related equipment and apparatus have been installed in befitting manner to keep desalination water plant functional with full capacity. Alongside construction of 1.2 MGD desalination plant, an around 1 kilo meter long water supply line from plant site to Gwadar city's main water supply network has also been laid down, he added

Completion of 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant, spreading over approximately one acre land area, reflects China's support for poor people of Gwadar desperately longing for clean water over the last many years.

Besides drinkable water being supplied to people of Gwadar through water reservoirs, 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant project will be another source of clean water that will help meet the water demand of the Gwadar city and Gwadar port.

Initially 0.5 MGD Water Desalination Plant project was inked with the conduction of feasibility and survey by government of Pakistan and China. Later having revisited the current demand of water, the government approved the 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant for Gwadar On July 5, 2021.

Last month Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) also completed 158km pipeline from the Shadi Kor and Swad dams. GDA has also installed a new 141 km water distribution pipeline to ensure every household in the city has access to drinking water. GDA has built four underground storage tanks in different parts of Gwadar City with a collective storage capacity of 10 million gallons of water.
Almost 40% of desilting operation completed at Gwadar Port

By Yasir Habib Khan
Jul 19, 2023

GWADAR,- Nearly 40% of the desilting operation at Gwadar port has been completed, following the implementation of rapid action on the special directives of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

The desilting process is underway to restore the original depth of the navigational channel at Gwadar Port, allowing larger ships to operate smoothly. This will ensure seamless movement of all types of vessels and ease their docking without any interruption. A Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) official informed Gwadar Pro that the China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) has been conducting the dredging operation effectively.

"We plan to reclaim the natural and original operational depth of 14.5 meters at Gwadar Port at a cost of Rs 4.7 billion," he added. He also expressed satisfaction with the pace of the operation. "Under the title 'the maintenance dredging of a navigational channel of Gwadar Port,' the project is expected to complete within 12 months, according to the agreement signed between CHEC and GPA," he added.

GPA Director of Marine Operation, Capt Gull Muhammad, explained that the cost of the dredging process depends on many factors, including dollar fluctuation, fuel cost, and labor charges.

An official from the China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) said that although no desilting activity had taken place in the last 7 years, the port continues to berth and process mega-vessels, albeit at a reduced frequency, he stated.

Another GPA official informed Gwadar Pro, "Initially, we planned to start just one part of the dredging process in two or three phases at Gwadar Port, so around Rs. 1 billion was allocated in the 2022-2023 budget for partial dredging. Later, we decided to complete all the dredging at once. Hence, the project cost now stands at Rs 4.7 billion," he added.

In response to a query, he said that CHEC won the contract for maintenance dredging construction on the forward swing waters and the approach channel of the Gwadar Port Terminal after an official bidding process launched by GPA last year. This will ensure smooth ship movements in the entry channel, which is crucial for the future development of Gwadar Port.

CHEC is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). It provides infrastructure construction services such as marine engineering, dredging and reclamation, road and bridge construction, railways, airports, and plant construction. CHEC is the world's second-largest dredging company, executing projects across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Gwadar Free Zone sees another achievement as new exhibition & trading center completed​

China Economic Net
Jul 23, 2023

Gwadar Free Zone sees another achievement as new exhibition & trading center completed

GWADAR- The South China Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center in Gwadar Free Zone, Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan was successfully completed on July 21.

The project covers an area of about 2,000 square metres. The centre consists of an exhibition hall, business area, meeting rooms, sports area, office, dormitory, etc. It will exhibit Pakistani and Chinese commodities to visitors from home and abroad, noted CCCC-FHDI Engineering CO.,LTD, the project constructor.

Gwadar Free Zone sees another achievement as new exhibition & trading center completed

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). As per the project constructor, the new center - as a comprehensive exhibition and sales center as well as a window for international exchanges in Gwadar in the future - will boost the development of manufacturing, trade and logistics and other industries in Gwadar, further promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and further promote the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Gwadar.

"Completed ahead of schedule, the project will become a center for exhibition and sales, trade and logistics in Gwadar. All the hard work and toil in the process will be worth it,” CCCC-FHDI Engineering CO.,LTD. said.

Debut of New Gwadar International Airport enthuses CPEC romanticism​

By Yasir Habib Khan
Jul 27, 2023

Inauguration of airbase infrastructure of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) on July 27 has opened brand new chapter of infrastructure development of CPEC that will usher in modern air transport connectivity among regional and international players, promoting ripple of economic opportunities in terms of trade, business, employability and tourism.

Undraping of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) will unleash avalanche of promises of high-octane commerce growth and development headway. It will also set vibrant tone of leading-edge air transport infrastructure and economic upward trajectory.

Covering an area of 4,300 acres, as the second biggest airport in Pakistan, NGIA is designed to accommodate ATR 72, Boeing B-737, Airbus A-380 and Boeing B-747 for domestic and international routes.

NGIA possesses the role as significant drivers of Sino-Pak and regional economies. It will facilitate trade and create jobs for many people directly and indirectly in supporting services. Equipped with advanced facilities including aeronautical and non-aeronautical in coming time, it has the potential to bolster economic growth in Gwadar as well as surrounding areas. For this reason, Gwadar Master plan will frame development plans around the entire ‘airport region’.

In the wave of contemporary globalization, countries need more connectivity. The global movement of goods and services requires more advanced infrastructure. Therefore, for Pakistan, NGIA offers more possibilities for international trade and tourism. Indeed, more visitors mean more money effectively feeding the local economy.

NGIA is an incredibly good news for all flights to and from Gwadar. In order to comprehensively promote the faster development of Pakistan's aviation industry, the new airport will ensure the frequency of flights and maximize the transport efficiency, so as to promote the more efficient flow of people and goods, and save more travel time and costs for passengers.

It is also a milestone step for infrastructure development. Rail and road transport are the two most common modes of transportation, but railways, tracks, stations, bridges and related facilities require complex planning and a lot of manpower and material resources to complete, while air travel only requires the construction of airports. NGIA represents a major step forward in Pakistan's aviation infrastructure sector, enabling more people to save more money while traveling by air.

In recent years airports have become increasingly aware of the value of their location at the nexus of regional transportation networks. In the UK, Heathrow alone is estimated to contribute EUR 6.2 billion to the economy every year. In Gwadar case, because of the radiation effect of NGIA, the economies of surrounding cities and villages will also be boosted, which is good news for Gwadar and Pakistan.

Energy, manpower and other guarantees are ready to ensure the smooth operation of the new airport. In order to keep the power supply of the new airport stable and not be affected by power failures, there will be three transmission lines to continuously supply power to NGIA, ensuring the availability of 12 MW of power around the clock.

On the other hand, China has provided systematic training courses for operating personnel in various departments of the airport. The first human resources training course started on July 8 and ended on July 27, aiming to train personnel in various positions at the airport and help them hone relevant technical, administrative and management knowledge.

Meanwhile installation of state of art security features, an integral part of NGIA is operational with Installation of hold or hand baggage Scanning Machines.

In addition, in order to ensure airport security, the new airport is also equipped with a series of security equipment including the most advanced hand luggage scanners. Pakistani government has also planned to get NGIA inspected by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other security agencies like European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure implementation of security standards.

Officials of CAA said that fully ensuring the safety of NGIA will encourage more foreign airlines to open new routes to and from Gwadar, which will stimulate the local economy to develop faster. In addition, as part of fulfilling the "Belt and Road" global green practice commitment, NGIA decided to launch the "Green Coverage Initiative" to gradually develop into a new type of comprehensive green airport.

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