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CPEC updates at Gwadar

Pakistan-China joint efforts to make and promote Gwadar as a World Trade Center have reached an important milestone.

Direct exports from Gwadar to China have been launched for the first time. Yesterday, May 24, the first shipment containing five containers was sent to China's coastal city of Tianjin, which will reach its destination in the next 30 days. In this shipment, pharmaceutical raw materials are being taken to China.

Direct trade from Gwadar has been made possible due to the serious efforts of the Government of Pakistan and the GE Government for which the tireless efforts of the Gwadar Port Authority is proof that Pak-China is economic. Corridor is fully activated to handle incoming cargo carrier for international market
I remember when they used to claim that Gwadar was going to be the next "Dubai".
It will not happen until there is political stability. I can see that happening if there is a Charter of Economy which PTI declined to be a part of and upon each and every visit by a Chinese head of state or official in the past decade they were holding dharnas as if it was on purpose. In any case, they are irrelevant now and things can finally move along where it needs to

Gwadar Port desilting operation in high gear​

By Yasir Habib Khan
May 25, 2023

GWADAR, May 26 (Gwadar Pro)-Gwadar port desilting operation has picked robust momentum after ministry of planning urged to accelerate the work on the special directives of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Desilting mega process has been galvanized in order to restore original depth of navigational channel at Gwadar Port offering heavyweight ships to float well. It will ensure seamless movement of all type of vessels, facilitating them to dock at ease.

Gwadar Port Authority Project Director Dawood Baloch told Gwadar pro that after the mobilization of required paraphernalia and test-run to ensure operational efficiency engaging China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), dredging operation has moved into high gear.

“We plan to reclaim 14.5 meters natural and original operational depth at Gwadar Port at a cost of Rs 4.7 billion,” he added. He expressed satisfaction on the pace of operation.

“Under title of “the maintenance dredging of a navigational channel of Gwadar Port”, Project will complete in 12 months as per agreement signed between CHEC and Gwadar Port Authority (GPA),” he added.

Another GPA official told Gwadar Pro that since earlier they planned to kickstart only one part of dredging process in two or three phases at Gwadar Port, so around Rs 1 billion was allocated in 2022-2023 budget for a partial dredging. Later, he said, it was finalized to do complete dredging at one fell swoop. Hence, now cost of the project stands at Rs 4.7 billion.

On a query, he noted that having gone through bidding process officially launched by GPA last year, CHEC won the contract of maintenance dredging construction on the forward swing waters, approach channel of the Gwadar Port Terminal. He added that GPA awarded the contract to CHEC after gauging technical assessment on the basis of international experience and financial worth of all participant companies in a bidding process.

“It will pave the way for the construction of additional berths from existing 602 meters length to 1500 meters. Moreover, frequent dredging will help maintain original depth of the channel.”

The total cost of dredging, he said, has been determined as per cubic meter considering the scale of operation and size of the area to be cleared from siltation. Gwadar Port has been handling ship with a draught of 11.6 meters. Last time dredging operation got underway in 2015.

CHEC, award-winner of dredging operation, is an engineering contractor and a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), providing infrastructure construction, such as marine engineering, dredging and reclamation, road and bridge, railways, airports and plant construction. It is the second largest dredging company in the world, carrying out projects in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Installation of steel structure workshop at Hangang Agricultural Industrial Park Gwadar is going to be completed.
Installation of the equipment will begin in June.

It will not happen until there is political stability. I can see that happening if there is a Charter of Economy which PTI declined to be a part of and upon each and every visit by a Chinese head of state or official in the past decade they were holding dharnas as if it was on purpose. In any case, they are irrelevant now and things can finally move along where it needs to

Good luck.

Gwadar given special economic district status

Saleem Shahid
May 31, 2023

QUETTA: The Balochistan government has given Gwadar the status of Special Economic District (SED) to promote port activities and for speedy development of the coastal district.

Officials of Planning and Development Department told Dawn on Tuesday that Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo had approved the summary, declaring Gwadar the Special Economic District.

The summary was moved by the Planning and Development Department.

“The aim of declaring Gwadar a SED is to introduce professional policies of the government for speedy development of the coastal district,” a senior official of the Planning and Development Department told.

Night landing operation installed at Gwadar airport​

May 30, 2023

Gwadar International Airport has recently undergone a significant night landing operation, amounting to a staggering investment of more than 230 million dollars. The funding for this ambitious project was provided by the Chinese government as part of the grants associated with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Sunday launched a landing operation for flights during night hours at the Gwadar International Airport. In this regard, the CAA has issued directives to airlines and aviation companies, saying that overnight parking at the Gwadar airport will not be allowed. “Only military aircraft and those belonging to the Balochistan government will be allowed to park at night at the Gwadar International Airport,” it said.

The country’s largest airport – New Gwadar International Airport – is located in Gurandani, which is 26km east of Gwadar city. It is the first airport in Balochistan that has allowed night landings. The CAA has issued instructions to all airlines and aviation companies for September and clarified that overnight parking of aircraft will not be allowed.

The aviation regulator said military and Balochistan government flights will have special permission. “The security arrangements in this regard will have to be done by themselves,” the CAA said. Gwadar International Airport is situated 14 km (9 miles) north of the city centre of Gwadar. Moreover, Pakistan International Airlines connects Gwadar to Karachi, Turbat, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Tehran, Mashhad, Bahrain and Muscat. The airport welcomes local and international flights to the port city.

The project was financed through the Chinese government’s grant under the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, and its cost was estimated at $230 million.

According to the CPEC website, the airport’s construction created 3,000 jobs. The groundbreaking ceremony of the airport was held on March 29, 2019, by then-prime minister Imran Khan. Implementation of the project was handed over to the Aviation Division. Meanwhile, its construction work began on October 31, 2019. As per the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor portal, the expected completion date of the project was March 2023.

“Construction of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), along with allied facilities for a new airport that will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A-300), Boeing (B-737), and Boeing (B-747) for domestic as well international routes,” the website mentions regarding the much-anticipated facility.
Update from New Gwadar International Airport

> The terminal building has been sealed off and is undergoing indoor mechanical and electrical equipment installation and decoration.

> Indoor equipment installation and decoration work for ATC building and tower.

> The runway, connecting runway, taxiway, service lane and concrete pavement of the station floor have been completed. The navigational lighting aid system has been completed.

> These lights include runway center line lights, runway edge lights, approach lights, etc.




Gwadar Port sends 20,000 tons of DAP fertilizer to Afghanistan​

By Yasir Habib Khan

GWADAR, June 3 (Gwadar Pro) - A private sector consignment of 20,000 tons of DAP fertilizer has been sent from Gwadar port to Afghanistan on May 31.

This batch of DAP fertilizer was imported from Australia under the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement by KB Fertilizer and Agven Pvt Ltd, enterprises operating in Gwadar Free Zone (South).

An official from COPHC told Gwadar Pro that the DAP fertilizer has been executed by Shipping service provider (Makran Trader) and Ship clearing agent. “Both of them are local companies. This means Gwadar port is providing business opportunities to the locals on a large scale,” he added.

DAP is used in various industrial processes, such as metal finishing. It also improves crop yield besides the development and growth of flowering plants or leafy plants. In 2022, Gwadar port processed a private sector consignment of 8,000 tons of DAP fertilizers and transported it via road to Afghanistan, marking the first Afghanistan-bound fertilizer shipment.
In a groundbreaking development, approximately "12 MW" of electricity has been approved for New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) to fulfill all its electricity needs for 24 hours without any interruption.

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