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Billion Dollar Mega Structure in Bharia Town

With well manacured roads that are wide as runways, its like a whole new city is being built in Phase-8.

This is the billion dollar mega structure being built in Bharia Town Phase-8 Islamabad. It covers an area of 45 Kanals where as one Kanal is approximately 5500 square feet. It boasts six commercial and 10 residential floors. The open roof top will have a running track, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants and other leisure facilities. Ironically first to be sold out are all the commercial units in the basements. A friend who bought a unit on the ground floor two years earlier for some 2.5 Crore has more than doubled in value, although it's still some years away from completion. However a two bedroom Boulevard apartment will set you back cool £300000. Sterling.

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View attachment 895057
Highrises in Pakistan is very risky.
We used to thought Pakistan mai DHA hai, but we are now realizing that DHA mai Pakistan hai :D
What idiot would want to buy a property or invest in a failed banana republic of Pakistan??
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