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102 MW Gulpur Hydro Power Project, Kotli, Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Total capacity reservoir: 21,893,000 m3 (17,749 acre·ft)

Gulpur Hydropower Project is the third independent hydropower project in Pakistan. Korean company has also been awarded other contracts to build hydropower plants in the country on BOOT basis



Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), two new projects will be set up in the power sector in AJK, with the capacity of producing 2,000 MW of electricity. These are 1,200MW Kohala hydropower project and 700 MW Karot hydropower project. The total electricity demand of AJK at every given time is 350 MW, while the rest of electricity is being imported. Feasibility on another power sector project having the capacity of 974 MW was ready for financing, the additional chief secretary said.

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform and Statistics Division Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has said that the government is committed to extend high speed internet services of 3G & 4G to Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir regions to improve land based communications.

The minister said this in a meeting with Director General, Special Communications Organization (SCO), Major General Ali Farhan, who called on him at Islamabad on Monday.

Project Director CPEC Hasan Daud and senior officials of the ministry were also present in the meeting.

The minister stated that steps will be taken to extend broadband services to GB & AJK regions including far flung areas to enhance connectivity.

In order to further integrate people of these regions with mainland Pakistan, it is imperative that they be provided communications and IT facilities at par with rest of Pakistan.

‘The extension of these services will also help promote industry and tourism in these areas’, added the Minister.

During the meeting, DG, SCO, apprised the Minister about work of the organization including laying of 820 Km optical fiber cable from Khunjerab to Rawalpindi under CPEC framework in Phase 1. He also briefed the Minister on proposed phase-II of the project.
View of 150 MW Patrind Hydropwer Project (Operational) near Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir


KAROT Newly constructed Bridge being open for public in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. Karot Power Co. have already constructing the energy project 720 MW Karot Hydro power Project under CPEC.




Under Construction 102 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project at Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

Reservoir Capacity (17,749 acre⋅ft)
Annual Power Generation 465 GWH
Catchment Area 3,625 km2 (1,400 sq mi)



Project Mirpur Industrial Zone, AJK

Project Description

Mirpur Industrial Zone with area 1078 acres is in the district of AJK bordered with west Punjab. Mirpur city is one of the largest cities of AJK and has undergone different development projects. Near Zone the connectivity hubs (airport, seaports and railway station) in nearest regions would help enterprises to start their businesses. The nearest airport in Muzarffabad is in development stage. The developed airport “Islamabad airport” is 122 km away from the Mirpur to facilitate the trade and transportation of goods and human resources at initial stage of development.

Mix industry is proposed at Mirpur Industrial Zone.

Location Mirpur (AJK)
Area (Acres) 1078

Project Progress Update
  • Feasibility study under progress.
102 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project Under Construction in Azad Kashmir

15 May 2020
by paktribune.com

MUZAFFARABAD: Gulpur Hydropower Plant (GHPP) is an under construction. Located on Poonch River, a major tributary of Jhelum River near Gulpur in Kotli District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The site is about 167 km from Federal Capital Islamabad and 285 kilometres from Lahore and is approachable directly from Islamabad and Lahore by a two-lane, all weather paved, partly mountainous road. The location of the Project is about 28 km upstream of Mangla Dam Reservoir

Gulpur Hydropower Project is a run-of-the-river project designed for the generation of 100 megawatts (130,000 hp) consisting of two Kaplan-type turbine units with average energy output of 436 Gwh.[2] Gulpur Hydropower Project is a part of least-cost energy generation plan, being executed by WAPDA to harness the indigenous hydropower resources of the country. WAPDA awarded the contract to MIRA Power Limited, a subsidiary of Korean company KOSEP, an independent power producer (IPP) being developed in private sector on BOOT basis (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) under Government of Pakistan Policy for Power Generation Projects 2002 as adopted in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The project has the capability of generating an average annual energy of 465 GWh.
102 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project.

Total capacity
21,893,000 m3 (17,749 acre⋅ft)

Gulpur Hydropower Plant (GHPP) is an under construction, run-of-the-river hydroelectric generation project located on Poonch River, a major tributary of Jhelum River near Gulpur in Kotli District of AJK.


Project Karot Hydropower Station

Primary Energy Input: Hydel

Technology: Hydel
Installed Capacity: (MW) 720
Location River: Jehlum
Province : AJK / Punjab
Estimated Cost: (US $ Million) 1,420

Executing Company / Sponsors: Karot Power Company Ltd. (KPCL) / CSAIL/ CTGI /CTG (China Three Gorges)
Financing : Independent Power Producer (IPP)

Coordinating Ministry : Ministry of Water and Power
Supervising Agency : Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB)

Commercial Operation Date (COD) 2020/2021.

102MW Gulpur Hydropower Project Begins Generating Power

Jul 8, 2020

LAHORE– Gulpur Hydropower Project has achieved certified Commercial Operation and has been producing cheap electricity for the national grid, it was stated by Dr. Tahir Masood, Managing Director NESPAK in a press communiqué here on Wednesday.

NESPAK in a joint venture with M/S MWH Inc. USA has provided consultancy services as Owner’s Engineer to M/s Mira Power Limited, a subsidiary of KOSEP, South Korea, for the 102 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project.

NESPAK played a very vital role as part of Owner’s Engineer for successful completion of Gulpur Hydropower Project providing complete technical support to Mira Power Limited in getting approvals from different Government Agencies as well as supporting the EPC Contractor in resolving complex issues arose during construction.

Successful completion of this Project has added another feather in NESPAK’s Cap. NESPAK was also involved as Owner’s Engineer in development and completion of 84MW New Bong Escape Hydropower Project, which is the first hydro IPP of Pakistan, thus becoming a leading Consultancy Firm in development of private hydropower project in Pakistan.
Prime Minister AJ&K Raja Farooq Haider visited Jagran Hydropower Project (JHPP-II) on 25 September 2020.

During the visit, on site brief of the project and latest progress was given to him by FWO officials. Prime MinisterAJ&K was impressed with quality and speed of ongoing work and appreciated the work done by FWO & other JV partners (CNTIC, BITC & HMC).
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