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Biodiversity action plan : AJK govt, power company to manage Mahaseer park

ISLAMABAD: The government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and a private power company has joined hands to jointly manage the Mahaseer National Park.

Mira Power Co Ltd a subsidiary of Korea South-East Power (KOSEP) Company developing the 102-MW Gulpur Hydro Power Project signed a landmark agreement with the AJK government for implementation of a biodiversity action plan (BAP) for Mahaseer National Park.

Under the agreement, the company will provide supplemental funds for protection of the park and for construction of a hatchery for the Mahaseer fish in Murli Nullah near Kotli.

The AJK Forests and Wildlife Department will carry out protection of the park that covers an area of over 100 kilometres along the Poonch River with the support from an independent organisation funded by the KOSEP.

The Korean company will also engage a firm for monitoring and evaluation of the initiative, and to measure the extent to which BAP objectives are achieved.

On behalf of the government of AJK, secretary forests, Farhat Mir, and Mira Power Chief Executive Officer Yoon Tae Hak signed the agreement here on Monday.

This agreement is the first of its kind in Pakistan where the government and the private sector are formally collaborating on a long-term basis to manage a national park. The park was established by the AJK Government for the protection of the Golden Mahaseer, which is a prized angling fish listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Poonch River is also rich in biodiversity and is home to a number of other fresh water fish species that need conservation.

“Besides mahaseer, wide-crusted kalij, peacocks, red jungle fowl, rhesus monkey, langur and mongoose are some of those animals and birds species, which are considered, endangered in the area,” the AJK Fisheries and Wildlife Department Director, Chaudhry Abdul Razzak, told The Express Tribune.

The project meets the stringent requirements of international organisations and environmental experts and is supported by a consortium of financiers including the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Both the IFC and the ADB have facilitated the preparation of the BAP to ensure that the project achieves a “net gain in biodiversity” and “betterment of the national park” through implementation of a series of conservation and protection measures that will offset any possible impact the project may have.

The project follows best international practices and complies with the AJK wildlife and environmental legislation, for which approvals have already been issued by the concerned government agencies...
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Kohala-Muzaffarabad road rehab work near completion

Islamabad—National Highway Authority (NHA) has nearly completed rehabilitation project of Kohala-Muzaffarabad Road (S-2). An official of NHA told APP that rehabilitation of Kohala- Muzaffarabad Road (S-2) was being carried out under Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project (FERP), funded through Asian Development Bank Loan.

He said that the project was being implemented through three packages.Rs 2566.30 million on 19.3 km Kohala-Dulai pacakge which is over 97 pc complete, Rs 899.00 million have been on 14.3 km Dulai- Muzaffarabad section and this section has been completed. He said that on Package-III comprising Chatter Kalas Bridge and Dulai Bridge Rs 368.96 million have been spent and it is also complete.

He said the government was satisfied with the standard of construction work of rehabilitation of Kohala- Muzaffarabad Road.The work has been executed as per approved specifications and is of desired quality. However, due to heavy rains in the year 2013-14, certain damages to retaining structures and culverts were observed at thirteen locations of Package-II.

The rectification work on damaged locations is being undertaken, which will be accomplished within three weeks. Once the rectification work is over, condition of whole road will become satisfactory,he added.—APP
National Highway Authority (NHA) has completed Kohala-Muzaffarabad Road (S-2) rehabilitation project.

ISLAMABAD: The project is being carried out under Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project (FERP), funded through Asian Development Bank loan, said an official of NHA on Saturday.

The project has been implemented through three packages, Kohala-Dulai Package-I costing Rs 2566.30 million has been completed. Package-II Dulai-Muzaffarabad costing Rs 899.00 million has been completed.

Similarly Package-III Chatter Kalas Bridge-Dulai Bridge which cost Rs 368.96 and it has been also completed.

The NHA official said the government is satisfied with the standard of construction work of rehabilitation of Kohala Muzaffarabad Road.

The work has been executed as per approved specifications and is of desired quality. However, due to heavy rains in the year 2013-14, certain damages to retaining structures/culverts were observed at 13 locations of Package-II.

He said that the rectification work on damaged locations has been undertaken and almost accomplished, so the condition of whole road has become satisfactory.
147 MW Patrind Hydro Power Project in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Under Construction
Commission date: April 2017
Installed capacity: 150 MW (200,000 hp)
Owner(s): Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)






Another great thread of my motherland sir

Rawalakot Hospital

Question sir will this be a new cmh in rawalkot ? 12 division has a huge presence there and already cmh there ? Also my original ancestral land is rajal in Indian occupied Kashmir so due to relatives all over azad Kashmir I visit quite A lot
102 MW Gulpur Hydro Power Project, Kotli, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Total capacity reservoir: 21,893,000 m3 (17,749 acre·ft)
Opening date: Expected August 2018

Gulpur Hydropower Project is the third independent hydropower project in Pakistan. Korean company has also been awarded other contracts to build hydropower plants in the country on BOOT basis i.e. under construction 150 MW Patrind Hydropower Plant and 100MW Kotli Hydropower Project.





Tunnel excavation of Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower project completed

LAHORE: In what can be termed a significant development towards completion of the strategically important 969 MW-Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project, Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) completed the excavation of left tunnel – one of the critical components of the project.

According to information released to the media on Sunday, the project management achieved this milestone today when it successfully connected the two portions of the left tunnel with an amasing precision. During its mining operation, one of the two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) broke through the left tunnel from downstream side joining it with the portion which had already been excavated through traditional drill-and-blast method from the upstream side.

With this development, the left tunnel system from dam to powerhouse stands excavated. The right tunnel system is scheduled to be excavated by April 2017. Thereafter, the water way system would go for final phase of completion. Once this is done, the project will be ready for pressurising the tunnel system, culminating into wet testing i.e. electricity generation from the project, which is expected in early 2018.

In order to celebrate this landmark achievement vis-à-vis left tunnel, Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project (NJHP) management arranged a simple ceremony at the breakthrough site, inside the tunnel about 6-kilometre from its starting point from upstream side, wherein Wapda Chairman Muzammil Hussain performed the connectivity of the two sections of the left tunnel. NJHP Chief Executive Officer, Project Director and representatives of the consultants and the contractors were present on the occasion.

While congratulating the project management, the consultants and the contractors on completing excavation of the left tunnel, the chairman said Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project is an important project to overcome electricity shortages in the country and add environment-friendly and low-cost hydel electricity to the National Grid. He hoped that with commitment and concerted efforts of the present management of Wapda, this project will be completed in the shortest possible time.

It is pertinent to mention that for evacuation of electricity from Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project and its injection to the National Grid, a 525-KV transmission line is being constructed by National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), which will join the National Grid at Domeli in district Jhelum through a 145-kilometre long double circuit line. This transmission line will be completed much before Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project goes into operation.
147 MW Patrind Hydro Power Project, Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Under Construction


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