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“Very touching”: AJK man bequeaths his entire property to Maryam Nawaz

Man's act leaves Maryam Nawaz speechless

A citizen from Azad Kashmir (AJK) has bequeathed his entire land, which spans over an astonishing 50 thousand kanals, to Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

The man behind this noble gesture is Zahid Hussain, a resident of Rawalakot, who has handed down all the land he owns to Maryam via a legal deed.

On the legal deed, which is shared on Twitter, the man stated, “I, Zahid Hussain, s/o Wilayat Hussain, hereby declare that I am of sound mind and have voluntarily decided to bequeath all the lands I possess, whether 50,000 kanals or 32,000 kanal, to Maryam Nawaz, d/o Nawaz Sharif, without any coercion or pressure from anyone”.

Expressing her amazement, Maryam reshared the post on her official Twitter handle.

“OMG! Why would he do that! It is very touching though,” the caption read, following a heart and high five emoticon.

In the sworn statement, Hussain specified that Maryam was now empowered to use the bequeathed land for the construction of a hospital or any other charitable cause.

The legal document also outlined that the PML-N leader would have ownership of 50% of the property, with the exception of around 50 kanals that belong to Zahid’s children and other heirs, during Mazhar’s (an apparent heir) lifetime.

Upon Mazhar’s demise, Maryam would become the sole owner of 100% of the property, with the same exceptions as previously mentioned.

The affidavit also provided further details about the location of the property.

The person’s bequest has sparked much speculation on social media, with some questioning their sanity and others treating it as a joke.

Hello my brain dead friend

Do you think Kashmir is your Dads land ?
No Pakistani can claim land in Kashmir .
Do you want gunshot in your head like we give Indians ??

Be fucking careful and behave yourself .
This sounds like a typical nawaz fake orchestrated imagine building exercise

I know there are lots of jahils around still my neighbor in pak was a uk based mirpuri and die hard supporter of Nawaz but I doubt he would give a penny to the bubble butts
An other Patwari mentaly fcuked up like Youthias
مریم نوازص اس جائیداد کو صرف کشمیر کی خصوصی حیثیت ختم کرکے لے سکتی ہے، اور یہ کام مودی کے راستے پر چلنے کے مترادف ہوگا۔

Maryam Nawaz can take this property only by ending the special status of Kashmir, and that would be tantamount to following Modi's path.
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