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6 New Modern Cricket Stadiums need in Pakistan ~ International Cricket Attraction & Multipurpose Use

Indians like to plays cricket, that's why we also need to play it, because we have to defeat India in everything.
So basically India is the main cause of cricket in Pakistan.

India is also Olympic grade male and female wrestling ...picking up wrestling medals every Olympics..why is not Pakistan investing in Olympic wrestling?
cricket is now full of silly negative Indian influences, and its political with Bangladeshis & Afghanistan all got grudges. not worth it anymore.

best time to try encourage football in the Youth as future sport for Pakistan.
Stadiums are nice to have but also a big waste of public money if better alternatives are available. Also, IMO among the most dire needs for Pakistan’s cities are basic sanitation and water, public transport, and green spaces for the public. I think a few parks, a metro system, and some waste management projects in major cities would go very far in making them more liveable, and the social benefit would be huge too.
State of the art stadium set to be built in Islamabad

The stadium will also include a high-performance center and will host various international and local tournaments and fixtures

Zulfiqar Baig in Islamabad
30 June, 2021

State of the art stadium set to be built in Islamabad

On the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ehsan Mani, has been tasked with the responsibility of building a state-of-the-art stadium in the country’s capital, Islamabad.

According to details, efforts are being made to revive the identity of Pakistan throughout the world and the government has set specific targets to achieve their mission which includes the construction of the country’s biggest stadium in Islamabad.

The stadium will also include a high-performance center and will host various international and local tournaments and fixtures.

The PCB chairman Ehsan Mani will be collaborating with the chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Amir Ali Ahmed, to complete the required task.

A survey to find the ideal location for the venue has been conducted by the director of land, planning and development of the CDA.

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A report on the developments in the project will be presented to the Prime Minister next month.
After being granted permission to proceed, the project will be completed through the help of a public-private partnership.

The director of the national high-performance center of the PCB Nadeem Khan, while speaking to Express News, stated that the project was being moved along at a brisk pace.

“The creation of a state-of-the-art international cricket stadium in Islamabad will help the growth of cricket in the country. This stadium will have all the latest state-of-the-art facilities for the sport. Steady progress is being made on the mega project and the Prime Minister will lay the foundation for it. PCB officials are in constant contact with the officials of the CDA. We are also planning on creating high-performance centers in Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad,” Nadeem said.
For ICC 2025 Champions Trophy, need to rebuilt new stadiums, roads, access points, hotels and shops.
Nice video for Lahore's International Caliber Stadiums

> Cricket Infrastructure is good , just need to fix the grass surface looks low quality (Fix 1-2 Million Dollars)
> Football Stadium Surface is not not good as well , won't pass international standard looks neglected (1-2 Million Dollars)
Practice field (Football) looked neglected and not being used at all
> Hockey surface looks good just need paint work and seats for viewers for seating (Maintenance and uplift)
> Badminton stadium was not impressive the design was awkward (Should be demolished and Basketball or Volleyball stadium should be made)
> Swimming poll for Swimmers looks ok , just need some clean up

Artificial Grass Installation

1- Artificial Grass (Not turf) installation for Football Field
1 time cost 1-2 Million Dollars lasts 25 years no water needed

For yearly city budget , fixing up your stadium with small 1-2 million bucks cost is reasonable lasts for 25 years

You can technically also upgrade the Cricket stadium with Artificial Grass
  • Bolochistan has a Artificial grass setup in 1 stadium

Should add Tennis Infrastructure
This simple setup is sufficient vs building large building around the place like done in Badminton Facility
The badminton facility surrounding area looks odd as there are no seats for viewers

Which I assume is not used much anyways

Tennis is more popular sport globally vs Badminton
Most Pakistanis who have played cricket are some what used to the idea of hitting a Tennis ball with bat

Cost for Upgrading the surface National Level across 5 Cities of Pakistan
To make it looks like how the playing surface looks in Top USA cities

Example fields
  • Football
  • Cricket

Cities x Number of playing surface being upgraded x Cost per surface

5 x 2 x 1.5 Million Dollars = only 15 Million dollar

15 Million is peanuts , cost less then 1 JF17 Thunder

If every budget year 10 Fields are upgraded , in 5 years we can easily upgrade 50 playing surfaces across the country
25 Cricket National Level Stadiums , and 25 National Level Football Grounds

These grounds can also host local leagues (City level ) when National Level Series is not taking place
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At-least Pakistan needs 6 stadiums completed before ICC 2025 Champions Trophy at fastest pace!!!

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