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6 New Modern Cricket Stadiums need in Pakistan ~ International Cricket Attraction & Multipurpose Use


Nov 1, 2010
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6 New Modern Cricket Stadiums in Pakistan as part of International Cricket Return Plans

Safety, near to Airports, new scenic locations like mountainous, for constructing 6 New Cricket Stadiums in Pakistan

PCB Chairman, Ehsan Mani aims to develop Pakistan cricket. DESIblitz looks at 6 cricket stadiums that could attract international teams to tour the country.

ehsan Mani, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), may look at developing cricket stadiums in the country as part of his strategy to attract more teams and players from abroad.

Former cricket icon and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is banking on Mani’s international experience to see the sport flourishing once again.

Mani previously was the President of the International Cricket Council (ICC) from 2003 to 2006.

The PCB should work on a master plan to continually convince more players and teams to visit the country. Hence, this can be done by upgrading existing grounds and building new stadiums to secure a promising future for Pakistan cricket.

Taking into account security, logistics and tourism, DESIblitz takes a look at 6 potential cricket stadiums which could bring more international cricket to Pakistan.

1. Abbottabad Cricket Stadium ~ KPK


Abbottabad Cricket Stadium is a wonderful ground, which has massive potential in bringing international teams to Pakistan.

Away from the busy lifestyles of other major cities, peace and tranquillity takes over here. Abbottabad presents a serene contrast to other parts of Pakistan.

The location of this ground reaches an altitude of over 4,000 feet, representing the natural beauty of Pakistan. The stadium is a picturesque delight for an artist who loves the backdrop of mountains.

The stadium is visually similar to the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Ground in Dharamsala, India. The cool temperatures of Abbottabad are perfect for a day of cricket.

However, the ground needs an upgrade and floodlights to meet international standards.

With tourism high on the agenda of Imran Khan, PCB should seize the opportunity and convert this ground into a major tourist hub.

Players and officials are familiar with the ground. Several training camps have been set up here on a regular basis.

Describing it as a stunning ground, former Pakistan legend, Wasim Akram says:

“It’s probably the most beautiful stadium in the world. I really feel proud that we have such stadiums in Pakistan. I have travelled all around the world and I’m pleased to see such a venue in our country.”

An official from the Abbottabad Cricket Association spoke about the ground pleading its case:

From a players safety perspective, investors will also need to think about building a 5-star hotel nearby. This can be part of a regeneration programme for this green city.

Having adequate facilities will ensure more talents like Junaid Khan going onto play for the national team.

Taking a leaf of runner, Ziyad Rahim, this ground can definitely act as a tourism card.

2. Lahore New Stadium in DHA ~ Punjab


Lahore is a major tourist destination of Pakistan. Lahore has become a World City. Cricket remains popular as ever in the historical city and shortage of grounds is a major problem.

Former Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif did ponder over building a new state of the art stadium in this vibrant city in DHA Lahore.

Shahbaz began planning the ground nearby to Allama Iqbal International Airport, DHA.

To facilitate security concerns, constructing a five-star hotel near the airport also came under discussion. If any government gives the green light, it is ideal for international players as they will only need to travel a short distance to the stadium.

An alternative venue gives the PCB more choice when it comes to scheduling. Plus as seen during the PSL matches, the iconic Gadaffi Stadium feels old and is a traffic hindrance due to its location.

Routes leading to close by shopping bazaars such as Liberty Market are not accessible for security reasons.

Therefore it is an inconvenience for shoppers and traders travelling to this area, whenever there is a match.

Looking ahead to the future, a new ground in Lahore will go a long way in bidding to host major international tournaments. These events include World T20, Asia Cup, Cricket World Cup and the Champions Trophy.

A ground in Lahore makes sense, as it is a relatively safe city. Thus the PCB should finalise a location and hunt for a good architect.

3. Islamabad

The beautiful scenic Margalla mountains need a cricket and football stadium


There is no Modern Cricket Stadium in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Their have been many talks about building a stadium in Islamabad. However, they have not come to fruition.

Probably now is the time to revisit this again. It is important for the PCB to find investment and have a sustainability plan in place.

The capital already plays host to local and global dignitaries and officials. Consequently, the city will welcome the sport with the true gentleman’s spirit.

The stadium can also be the new home ground for Islamabad United. Perhaps the franchise owner Leonine Global Sports could also invest in such a project.

With this federal territory being a green belt area, a suitable location will need to be found. As a result, the PCB will have to work closely with environmentalists to make this happen.

Ehsan Mani, also an environmentalist himself has been sceptical on the viability of a stadium in Islamabad. He mentions:

“Islamabad, the scenic mountains does not have a big population and doesn’t need a big stadium which will become a white elephant.”

Being also an accountant by profession, Mani will only go ahead with such a project if it is profitable.

If Islamabad is not an option then a plan to upgrade facilities at Rawalpindi will be the need of the hour.

At the moment, the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is also the home ground for Islamabad United. If the franchise outfit and the PCB want to stage future PSL matches in Rawalpindi, upgrading is vital.

4. Gwadar Cricket Stadium, near the Beaches ~ Balochistan


Gwadar is a rapidly growing place in Balochistan, which is ideal for an international cricket stadium.

The deep port city acts as a trade and tourism corridor, particularly for China. Both countries have come together to create the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

CPEC aims to quickly improve Pakistan’s infrastructure and boost its economy by the building of modern transportation links.

CPEC will bring economic revival for the country, by proposing Gwadar as the new Dubai of Asia.

This focus on trade has seen a stadium built in the city. The stadium has not officially been open. If possible, the second phase is to upgrade it as an international venue.

The PCB also has the option to construct a new stadium in Gwadar. Investors will not shy away from such a profitable project.

The PCB can invest in the new stadium too, with financial gains on offer. Alternatively they can go into a joint venture. If feasible, the PCB should make provisions to purchase some land if not done already.

Either choice, the PCB should look at this city, bearing in mind the future.

Revenue from trading with China will develop Gwadar further, which can bring more tourists to this potentially new cricketing city.

5. Sialkot ~New or Jinnah Stadium

Sialkot must need a new Cricket and Football Stadium


With the help of the business community, the PCB could contemplate unveiling a new purpose built cricket stadium in Sialkot.

Local businesses can join forces to follow their international airport model by virtually self-funding a new cricket ground in the city.

Similarly, like with other potential grounds, the PCB can also look into renovating the existing and old Jinnah Stadium.

Once again the business fraternity can possibly help with investment.

The City is known for producing sports goods, including cricket equipment. Companies in this space will be ideal for sponsorship and marketing deals.

With a cantonment area, housing the Pakistan Army, it is a safe city for visiting international players.

It helps that there are international flights, with prime carriers, flying in and out from the city. Sialkot is also within close proximity of Lahore – 66 miles to be precise.

A new ground or a modern revamp of Jinnah stadium will entice more international teams coming to Sialkot.

An international stadium in Sialkot will not only aid Pakistan cricket, but also the economy of the country.

6. Karachi Rafi Stadium ~ Sindh or Baharia town Cricket Stadium


Karachi has already begun building a new cricket stadium to attract more cricket towards Pakistan.

The Rafi Stadium will hold 50,000 spectators and will be the largest stadium in Pakistan.

Gerkan, Marg and Partners are the official designers. The ground design is in line with ICC standards.

The stadium will comprise of an international standard cricket academy. The ground will provide an opportunity for the return of international cricket in Pakistan.

The construction site is within the Bahria Town development scheme in Karachi.

Bahria Town has similar successful development schemes also in Islamabad and Lahore. The owners of this scheme continue to promote sports infrastructure by developing grounds for modern day cricket.

Malik Riaz is the founder of Bahria Town and is one of Pakistan’s most influential philanthropists.

Commenting about the Stadium, Riaz tells:

“The Rafi Cricket Stadium will be built in one and a half years to revive international cricket in Pakistan within the next two years.

“We are also building a highly secured five-star hotel which will be completed with the stadium.”

The ground will be ready for completion in 2020.

Watch concept design of Rafi Stadium:


Certainly, modern grounds and a safer environment can play a pivotal role in the revival of cricket in Pakistan. It will be interesting to see what the PCB has in store.

Above all, there are plenty of opportunities for Pakistan cricket to grow in a positive fashion building new most modern Cricket and Football Stadiums is a must in Pakistan to positively attract international cricket and boost international tourists to Pakistan.

That is like an investment of 1-2 billion dollar just for cricket. Better spent on wrestling,Boxing and MMA

agreed, but cricket attracts crowds which creates revenue .. your idea would be great if India and Pakistan have good relationship and have timely boxing , wrestling and other sports , cause India Pakistan rivalry even as friendly attracts crowds .
That is like an investment of 1-2 billion dollar just for cricket. Better spent on wrestling,Boxing and MMA

Cricket and rising Football in Pakistan are main revenue earning streams, Wrestling, Boxing and MMA are most Pakistanis favorites too. Cricket needs a revision in Stadiums and PCB, its Franchises has alot of money to spend.
What we should aim to build are multi purpose stadiums like in Australia, where you can have multiple games. Aussie stadiums like MCG and SCG are also used for footy and soccer games this way you can utilize these stadiums year around.
Apart from cricket stadiums, it is imperative that there should be a revolutionary shift in focus on Pakistani cricketers' physical fitness. It is imperative that the raw talent is "harnessed" otherwise if I wanted to see players of other teams playing cricket, I would go buy a ticket for Australia, West Indies or South Africa.
Why cricket ? Whyyyy?
Why not hockey which is by far weather proof and fast paced than boring British and their cricket
Looking Rawalpindi cricket ground in recent Test match, we definitely need new, modern grounds. Sri Lanka and India now have beautiful cricket stadiums. We too need ground that look modern.
If Pakistan cricket can afford it through revenue it generates then go ahead. The tax payers money should be spent on other priorities.

Provide sports facilities for kids with the money instead.
agreed, but cricket attracts crowds which creates revenue .. your idea would be great if India and Pakistan have good relationship and have timely boxing , wrestling and other sports , cause India Pakistan rivalry even as friendly attracts crowds .

Personally, i never liked the idea of Indian Gov to spoil Indo Pak sports relation...This is one reason, i stopped watching India home series matches as it is so boaring...Without Pakistan, cricket is so dull for me.

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