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Why so less coverage about protests in France? Mainstream media silent!

Yes, that is a contributing factor why China will go bankrupt…

Accumulate more and more money and almost no debt, all are verifiable data, are signs of coming bankrupt by Swedish standard, right.

Perhaps in Sweden you have different criteria than the rest.

Not only in Sweden, I see that problem, the criteria problem, in other Western democracies too. When you call a filthy country with increasing homeless and starving people, with collapsing health care system, with trashy quality of education, the beacon of democracy, and when you call a clean country with excellent infrastructure, with world's top quality of education, health care and housing, an authoritarian regime, then people, on average, will surely know which one they should choose.
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I am surprised that people here are amazed at the French being French.
Living in Kent for now almost 50 years - I and the locals know this to be very normal.
The French like a protest.
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