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Why isn't there a Muslim 'EU'/NATO?

White countries are still Abrahamic related, they are closer to Muslim countries than to both India and China

This is why in my opinion Muslim nations have already had in good policy. We dont need Muslim NATO as we have different threat where our threat nation is maybe ally for other Muslim countries. Muslim NATO can complicate things and even can make the world enter WW3 when we could be pushed by certain Muslim nations to side with either US and NATO or Russia/China camp.

Better we have current OIC which is perfect. It is not a useless organization since the reason there are no intervention in Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Afghanistan are due to those war are made by Muslim in that region themselves.

And anything can happen when Muslim leaders have already had organization like OIC to discuss matter related to Muslim.
You live in a muslim country so you might think that but living in a white predominant country it is quite the opposite. Whites consider every race to practically do same things as them e.g. go to the beach and surf with their girls, ladies show off their bodies and flirt with the boys, drinks after work and on the weekends with your mates etc. Muslims are the only ones who can not partake in typical white activities which all other races for the most part do. E.g. Japanese/Chinese even Indian woman wear whatever they want and show off, like to get drunk and plastered as a whole and do similar activities and culture as whites in general in regards to leisure activities with no restrictions. I think you are living in certain denial or lack of information regarding how they really see you when you are overseas. They see you mostly and incorrectly as poor brown breeders who multiply and commit crime and refuse to join the society/partake in adopted country cultural customs which every other culture take part in.
Let’s make one, I table the vote to call it

POTATO: Potentially Offensive Tactically Absent Treaty Organisation.
Lol, thanks for the laugh bro. 😂😂

This is a old thread , my younger days thinking. Today I'd see an economic union as more important and effective. I don't think we have issue on military side. Need more economic progress , education, and free market. 😁
If China, Pakistan, Iran and Russia have NATO like group, at least to stop terrorism, it will be good, but does not seems possible.

Forget Muslim NATO.

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