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Via @太湖军I名 from Weibo
Good points, perhaps they will split it and go for 4 type 054b and 4 Type 052DL over the next 10-15 years, once the finances are in order.

I don't think 052D is open for export. However, yes I do see 2 to 4 Type-54bs with PN after 2030.
48 VLS + 8 YJ12
Has it been confirmed that it will have 48 VLS? Also is it the UVLS, same as used on the Type 052D and Type 55?

There is no type052E but much more 055s at a speed of 2 ships in 3 years,And once the 40MW CGT-40 engine is available there will a new 9000Tons general DDG.
View attachment 957240
Any indication what the designation or design of this new 9000 ton general purpose destroyer would look like?

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Via @太湖军I名 from Weibo
Good picture of the secondary radar uncovered.
Doesn't look like it has universal VLS. I'm slightly disappointed since I was hoping it could carry quad packed SAM with the increased tonnage.
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