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Turkiye and China nearing a nuclear power plant deal


Mar 2, 2018
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The talks between Turkey and China to build a nuclear power plant in eastern Thrace are progressing and a deal is possible in a few months, Turkish Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar told a group of journalists on Thursday.

Turkey has an ambitious nuclear program. Russia is already building a power plant in Akkuyu that will become partly operational next year and there are ongoing talks with South Korea and Moscow for a second plant that is planned to be built in Sinop.

The government is also open to building small modular reactors (SMR’s) with the UK, US, and France, but the projects must be licensable - meaning tested and secure - commercial and locally produced.

Bayraktar said Turkey needs to produce 20 gigawatts from the nuclear power plants in the future, adding that Turkey could add five gigawatts of small modular reactors to its system.

The Akkuyu power plant has already made significant contributions to the Turkish economy and energy sector.

There has been a 47 percent local contribution to the project which is valued at around $4.3bn.

Thousands of Turks work on the project making up 80 percent of the workforce building the plant.

Sino-Turkish relations are likely to witness many strategic breakthroughs in the coming days. The fact that the 3rd NPP will be realized in cooperation with China is one of the most obvious examples of this. China has also made significant progress, especially in the use of Thorium in nuclear energy. Turkiye has great potential in thorium, and I hope that cooperation with China can be an important tool to transform this potential, in future.
Turkey have a lot of Thorium reserves, so China want to invest :p:. Lets talk chinamen....
Turkey's energy needs are increasing every year. We will probably need twice as much energy in 20 years. It is a necessity for us both to have nuclear energy technology and to ensure energy diversity.
When will we have the know-how to produce our own nuclear power plant?
When will we have the know-how to produce our own nuclear power plant?
At this rate? never. I spoke to some top nuclear scientists in Turkey and there's basically no funding or research going into a practical power plant design.
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