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The Security Dynamics of Balochistan

2 Terrorists killed by security forces during IBO in Balochistan - Nov 2022 .​

Two terrorists killed during IBO in Balochistan: ISPR

November 18, 2022

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In Balochistan, two terrorists were killed by the security forces during Intelligence Based Operation in general area Balor, Hoshab.
According to the ISPR, the IBO was initiated to clear a hideout of terrorists, linked with firing incidents on security forces and civilians besides planting of improvised explosive devices on M-8 in Hoshab.
During ensuing heavy exchange of fire, both the terrorists were killed, while a cache of arms and ammunition including Improvised Explosive Devices has been recovered.

9 Terrorists killed & 3 wounded terrorists arrested by security forces during IBO in Balochistan - Nov 2022​

Security forces kill nine terrorists during IBO in Balochistan

November 26, 2022

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Security forces killed nine terrorists while three others arrested during intelligence based operation in Siah Koh area of Balochistan on Saturday.
According to ISPR, intelligence agencies were in search for these terrorists since the September 30th blast in Kohlu Bazar that killed two passers-by and injured nineteen.
The same organization and its terrorists were involved in kidnapping for ransom, extortion and attacks on security forces in the region.
Moreover, these terrorists were also targeting engineers and laborers working on development projects in Balochistan. The terrorists were now preparing for attacks in Kohlu, Kahan and Maywand areas.
The search operation of the security forces in the area is still underway.

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10 Terrorists killed & 1 arrested in SF's Operation in Balochistan - Nov 2022 .​

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I posted this as a comparison, why we still fall short. It appears that both nations have similar form of problems. look at how they deal with it and how we deal with things. At least in Turkey they are genuinely serious about state security.

all the while in Pakistan a new theatrical is launched. every few months.
He was stupid as f*ck though.
I encounter them all the time lol

They aren't scared because they know Pakistan is pretty useless in this stuff and nothing will happen

Ideally a law should be passed making it illegal to explicitly support terrorist groups operating within Pakistan that have taken lives. And there should be an ability to report people that do, and a software that monitors it.
The BLA would profit heavily off hostile relations with Iran

They are an insurgent group, they require foreign backers and safe havens to operate, you can't afford to make everyone a hostile entity like a nation state can otherwise you'll struggle to find safe grounds and funding.
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