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The End of an era the US dollar will die a peaceful death starting from this year to max 2-3 yrs as Brics Currency is ready to take center-stage

It’s hilarious the New Development Bank, a funding vehicle for BRICS lends in USD to member nations. Its the same story for OBOR Belt and Road Investments :lol:

Our little pinks are two dumb to realize they’re being played by the CPC.
Again, people here overestimate the volume of trade between nations. Even if the world trade exclusively in BRICS or even RMB, it would not even remotely touch the level of SWIFT payment settlement level.

The world trade value for 2020 is 37 trillions dollars.


SWIFT have a settlement rate of ~8 trillion a day in 2020, SWIFT made that much transaction in 5 days, then the entire year in trade.

Majority of the currency change hand because of central bank around the world, they need to constantly buy/sell their forex to balance the book, if you compare this to the actual trade volume, the volume of trade is so discernable it wouldn't even make a drop in the bucket.

People are of course free to believe what they want to believe, but to believe BRICS currency which none of the BRICS country have over 5% drawing right (In fact, they don't even have 5% combine) would be able to dethrone USD, which is currently at 57%, is laughable, you have to live in an alternative reality to be able to believe that.
Please send your bank transfer details to @beijingwalker before he burns his useless 100$ notes in a huge bonfire. :enjoy:
Will do, Plus burning all those useless 100$ bills will cause global warming so I am also saving the planet, Greta will be so proud of me :P @beijingwalker Don't worry friend, I got you on this, just send all your useless $ bills my way, Prioritize 100's.
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