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Raisi: Iran Ready to Act to Avert Geopolitical Changes in Region


Feb 10, 2022
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Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Assuring Armenia of Iran’s opposition to any alteration to the regional boundaries, President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran is prepared to play “an effective role” as a “powerful neighbor” to prevent regional clashes or geopolitical changes.​

After hearing a report given by Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan about the latest developments in the Caucasus, Raisi reiterated in a telephone conversation on Saturday that Iran is seriously opposed to any convulsion or change in the historical borders in the region.
Iran, as a powerful neighbor, is prepared to play an effective role to prevent new clashes or any geopolitical changes in the region, the president stated.
Reaffirming Iran’s support for the territorial integrity of all regional states, Raisi said, “We believe that the regional issues need to be resolved through dialogue among the regional countries. We are seriously opposed to the foreign countries gaining a foothold in the Caucasus region.”
The president also expressed Iran’s readiness to contribute to the settlement of problems via diplomatic negotiations.
He further hailed the growing economic cooperation between Tehran and Yerevan, saying Iran is prepared to broaden economic and trade ties with Armenia and expedite the implementation of the bilateral agreements.
For his part, Pashinyan praised Iran for its effective and constructive role in establishing, maintaining and strengthening regional peace, stability and security.
He also appreciated Iran’s stances on the Caucasus and briefed the Iranian president on the economic cooperation between the two neighbors and the efforts to speed up the implementation of the bilateral deals concluded during his visit to Tehran in November 2022

Best to fight on the negotiating table than fight on the battlefield. Weakened Iran and Tuirkey are not good for regional peace and prosperity.
I worry Raisi's comments will precede military clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
27 years and iran didn't consider to talk about Karabagh, demand armenian to leave the occupy lands. They have defended the armenians, and now they are defending againg. I swear to Allah let them burn, i do not hope it go to a confrontation but if its go no mercy please.
Turkey and Iran please settle down and stop acting like freggin kids

dont copy Europe

do we not have enough enemies ?
iran is the child in this photo


They are trying to look tough but it's all bluff.
muslim countries with oil and stupid dictators are danger to muslim world, their ego cannot be tamed. itis so ridiculous when you live in the west yet you read about a third world dictators spending habits and you think wat a sad bas trd, bought a over priced painting or paid thousands for a sh itty hair cut and the dumb bas trd has no hair.

no offence iran is one of those countries oil and ego leaders same with saudi arabia these two are more dangerous than nato. These two countries have destroyed yemen.
It is not hard to Empower Armenia. In logical analysis Azerbaijan has every right to claim its own soil, Israel and the Zionist front is planning something else.
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