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  • --- 2nd part ----- (Who say something else but inside their Heart, Hate is just boiling over!) also I do not Like Arabs and Persians taking advantage of Pakistanis but What I can do I am made that way, I could not hide my feelings, that is why Everybody dislike me except few Pakistanis and Turks who also are like me
    Any way, If this is your Pic then you are very Pretty!
    WoW You have lot of Followers and Ppl sending you msgs. like crazy; even I created lot of Posts and write msgs. May be I am too blunt and take my faith very Seriously and also I do not like People who are against Pakistan and Islam esp. Indians and White/Black 2 tongue Liars
    Unfortunately S-19 doesn't get online on the forum any longer, I guess he has deactivated his profile. I don't know.
    But if he comes again and I'll ask him. Fair?
    You have said that several times, and you've even tried to convince others like S-19 that it's Iranians who insult Arabs and he shouldn't support Iranians. Haven't you?

    I just wanted you to see who's insulting who and how they're coming to our section and trying to provoke us in any way possible.
    Hello Dear,
    have started a new Babur Cruise Missile Database thread in Pakistan Strategic Forces section.


    this is inspired from ANTIBODY's idea of JF-17 Information Pool. A thread not meant for arguing or debate but just to collect all useful and relevant data regarding the system under one umbrella.
    Kindly do take time and check this out.

    Looking forward for some useful contribution from your side as well

    Best Regards!
    Arsalan Aslam
    Yep that's pretty much it. We have thousands of years worth of history no matter what those persians say. LoL they actually believe we are only some 100 year old country or something xD

    My people have been in this land before even Abraham's son Ishmael came to Arabia and our culture was so strong that it spread to half the world. And right now the people of this land identify themselves as "Saudis" these days and so be it.
    Yes i heard his name around the forum. Did a little research too.

    He seems like a good guy. Charismatic too.

    God always wills the best. :) Just focus...
    Okay, so do you think anybody who is standing up in the next elections will be better for pakistan (I am asking because I have heard south asian politics tend to be dynastical)?
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