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Iran-Pakistan Warm Ties Unaffected by Int’l Changes: Raeisi


Feb 2, 2007
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TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called for innovative initiatives for the development of ties with Pakistan, saying the amicable relations between the two neighbors remain unaffected by the international developments.​

The Iranian president held a meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwar ul Haq Kakar on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.
Raisi said the level of relations between the two countries is insufficient considering the existing capacities. He emphasized the necessity for the efforts of Iranian and Pakistani officials to speed up the removal of existing obstacles in the path of development of relations by using innovative plans and methods.
The Iranian president also stated that the international developments do not have any effect on the good relations between Iran and Pakistan.
Describing the common border between the two countries as an opportunity, Raisi said, "From Iran's point of view, the border with the neighboring country of Pakistan is an opportunity to develop trade exchanges."
For his part, the Pakistani premier expressed regret for the low volume of trade relations between the two countries, despite the existence of huge capacities in Iran and Pakistan.
Kakar also voiced his country's determination to raise the level of cooperation with Iran by developing trade exchanges and creating new means of transportation.
Referring to the special position of Iran in Pakistan's foreign policy, the prime minister of Pakistan stressed the need to maintain the security of the common border and said, "Iranian people should feel safe and comfortable in their neighborhood with Pakistan."
The two sides also discussed ways to increase cooperation on energy transfer in the region.

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